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Has TA RA RUM PUM director Siddharth Raj Anand signed Ranbir Kapoor for his next film, to be produced by Yash Raj? That's the buzz in the industry. “Yes, I've heard this one,” laughs Siddharth as we connect again. “Its mere speculation,” he adds pronto.

Let's get serious. “I haven't decided what to make next. At the moment I cannot think of anything except TA RA RUM PUM. People are assuming that I have signed Ranbir, but the truth is, I haven't. Sometime back, they said I was directing DHOOM 3… Now this,” Siddharth states.

Ranbir and he must've had discussions on the film, otherwise how else would people start speculating? “Trust me, I haven't met him. I am not thinking of my new film right now. I will take a decision a week after TA RA RUM PUM hits the marquee. I'd be in a better position to answer then. But the talk about Ranbir acting in my new film is absolutely untrue,” he adds.

Reportedly, he's remaking an English film called THE BACHELORS. “Is there a film by that name? I haven't even heard or watched that film. I'll ask my librarywala to lend me a DVD if he has one. Seriously, how can I remake a film if I am clueless about it?,” he denies it outright.


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