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African Stories Treasure Trove

Online Stories from Africa

Animal Stories
__ The Bachelors and the Python
__ Why Crocodile has a Rough Back
__ The Friendship of the Tortoise and the Eagle
__ The Heart of a Monkey
__ The Leopard Man
__ The Lion and the Hare Go Hunting
__ The Marriage of the Mouse
__ The Rabbit Grows a Crop of Money
__ The Rabbit Steals the Elephant
__ The Snake and the Frog

Non-Animal Stories
__ The Game Board
__ The Twin Brothers
__ The Woodcutter of Gura

Bibliography of Stories and Indexes in Print

__ Aesop: Tales of Aethiop The African, Vol. I, Koram, Jamal, 1989, Sea Island Information Group
__ Africa Access Review. (This electronic guide to children's materials on Africa is provided by Africa Access, a bibliographic and review service that specializes in the analysis of children's materials on Africa) - key words: African Stories
__ African-American Folktales for Young Readers: Including Favorite Stories from Popular African and African-American Storytellers, Young, Richard and Judy Dockrey (ed), 1993, August House
__ African Folktales: Traditional Stories Of The Black World, Abrahams, Roger, 1983, Pantheon
__ Afro-American Folktales: Stories from Black Traditions in the New World, Abrahams, Roger, 1985, Pantheon
__ AFROPHILE. Recommended Titles on Africa for Children and Young People, Randolph, Brenda,1996.
__ Cow-Tail Switch And Other West African Stories. Courlander, Harold; Herzog, George // Illustrator: Chastain, Madye L., April 1987, Henry Holt and Company
__ The Culture Catalog is a one-stop shopping service for educators, librarians and parents seeking quality books and multimedia resources in folklore, history and culture.
__ Literatures in African Languages, Andrzejewski, B. W., Pilaszewicz, S., and Tyloch, W. (Eds.). Cambridge University Press, 1985 (Scholarly survey of African literature samples a wide variety of Trickster characters in many languages, including Xhosa and Zulu tales of Hlakanyana)
__ Makhuphula, Nambulelo. Xhosa Fireside Tales (Muzi Donga, Illus.). Johannesburg: Seriti sa Sechaba, 1988.
__ South-African Folk-Tales. Baker and Taylor, New York, 1910. By James Albert Honeij.
__ A Treasury of African Folklore, Courlander, Harold, 1975, Crown Publishers.

Clearinghouse of Online Resources

__ The Encyclopedia Mythica
__ Folklore, Myth and Legend
__ Myths and Legends
__ World Mythology

Other Resources

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