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Release Date: May 3rd, 2002 (moved back from November, 2001 to allow for more time for special effects, postproduction, etc.)

Video Release Date: November 1st, 2002

Title Note: This isn't a big deal, but I often see Spider-Man misspelled. There's definitely a hyphen, and there's no space (Spider Man) or a combining of the words (Spiderman).

Awards: Best Picture (tie) (2002 Peoples Choice Awards); Best Female Performance (Dunst), Best Kiss (2003 MTV Movie Awards)

Nominations: Best Sound, Best Visual Effects (75th Annual Academy Awards)

MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for stylized violence and action)

Running Time: 112 minutes

Distributor: Columbia Pictures (Sony)

Animation: Many of the scenes showing Spider-Man himself will be computer animated, since once the mask goes on, there's nothing about the hero that necessarily reflects the actor that plays Peter Parker.

Cast: Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker; aka Spider-Man), Willem Dafoe (Norman Osborn; aka the Green Goblin), Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson), James Franco (Harry Osborn), Rosemary Harris (Aunt May), Joe Manganiello (Flash Thompson), Cliff Robertson (Uncle Ben), J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jameson), Elizabeth Banks (Betty Brandt), Bruce Campbell (Announcer), Chris Coppola, Macy Gray, Bill Nunn (Robbie Robertson), Michael Papajohn (Burglar), Ted Raimi (Hoffman), Randy "Macho Man" Savage (Bone Saw McGraw)

Director: Sam Raimi (For Love of the Game, Evil Dead series, The Quick and the Dead, Darkman; his next project will be Spider-Man 2)

Composer: Danny Elfman (besides Batman and several other Tim Burton projects, he also worked on the scores for three previous Raimi films: Darkman, Army of Darkness, and A Simple Plan.)

Screenwriter: David Koepp (Stir of Echoes, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, The Shadow)

Screenwriter Note:

7/24/01 - Scott Rosenberg (Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds) also worked on this script for a while, but Sam Raimi has confirmed (via Dark Horizons) that his draft isn't being used. (5/3/02) Alvin Sargent (Anywhere but Here) had also been reported as working on the script, but Koepp received sole credit from the WGA.

Based Upon: The popular comic book character and series published by Marvel Comics. This film is also based upon a scriptment by James Cameron.

Sequel Notes: (10/15/01) Variety reports that both Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst have options for two sequels in their contracts. (1/27/02) Army Archerd of Variety also reported recently that production is tentatively scheduled to start in January of 2003 on Spider-Man 2, (maybe for a summer, 2004 release?). (4/5/02) Sam Raimi, Maguire, and Dunst are all officiall signed for the sequel, which starts filming in early (maybe January) 2003 for a 2004 release. Expect a preview page soon.

Sequel Notes:

4/12/02 - In the meantime, I posted a recent (4/4/02) site survey (with 13,858 votes), asking which classic villain they'd most like to see appear in Spider-Man 2. The winner was the very character who almost appeared in this film... Dr. Octopus, with 53%. Raimi was concerned that relegating Doc Ock to being just a bit player wouldn't do him justice... so maybe he'll be the sequel's biggest villain? Fans want him: 53% Doctor Octopus, 13% The Scorpion, 10% Mysterio, 9% The Lizard, 8% The Sandman, 7% Electro.

Sequel Notes:

4/22/02 - "Chuck the Movieguy" over at got a chance to talk to the cast at a junket, and Kirsten Dunst spilled the beans about whom she's heard the *villains* might be next time: Dr. Octopus and the Lizard. Giving CSN the clicks they deserve, I will say that it's fun to hear Kirsten say it, so listen to the MP3 file above for more.

Sequel Notes:

5/06/02 - From CNBC comes the news that Spider-Man 2 is now scheduled for the comparable weekend in 2004: May 7th. The preview page should be up sometime this summer.

Sequel Notes:

6/05/02 - Well, I got my copy of "Wizard" in the mail yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to browse through it at length, but apparently someone at Corona did, because they noticed that Kirsten Dunst, reliable bean-spiller, revealed another major news item about the sequel... Peter Parker gets a new love interest in the form of Felicia Hardy, AKA professional thief, Black Cat. This is incredibly unexpected (and yet not, considering that Marvel and Kevin Smith are reviving the character this year in the comics) for the second film (I would have expected her much farther down the road). Now, the fans can start fantasizing about which "hottie" they'd like to see don the tight black outfit with the white ruffles... mee-rowlll. I personally hope they go with someone who can act, not just someone who looks good in those skintight pants and bust-revealing top. Seriously!

Sequel Notes:

6/11/02 - Michael Fleming of Variety reports that David Koepp, who wrote this first film, has agreed to work on this sequel, doing a first draft that Gough and Millar will then do rewrites of as needed. The news that Koepp is being brought in with a new story idea means that some of what Ms. Dunst has said in the past about Doctor Octopus, the Lizard, and the Black Cat could potentially be changed, if those were elements were things that were Gough and Millar's idea, but not in Koepp's.

Sequel Notes:

6/18/02 - A promotional logo sent to the guys at Corona reveals that the title of the sequel is currently "Spider-Man II".

Sequel Notes:

7/16/02 - The preview page for Spider-Man II is now up.

Sequel Notes:

6/25/03 - The preview page for Spider-Man 3 is now up.

Premise: Spider-Man started off as shy high school student Peter Parker (Maguire), until he was bitten by a genetically- altered spider, giving him amazing abilities. Over time, he learns that with great power, comes great responsibility. First, there is his foray into entertainment, taking on wrestler Bone Saw McGraw (Savage). A horrible incident involving his Uncle Ben (Robertson) soon changes his perception of his powers, and he becomes a superhero. His abilities are soon challenged, when scientist Norman Osborn (Dafoe) is altered himself in an experiment gone wrong, becoming the... Green Goblin, pumpkin bombs, glider, and all.

Filming: Production started on January 8th, 2001 at Sony's soundstages in Los Angeles. Filming is expected to last for about four months, including two or three weeks in New York City. (6/18/01) Filming wraps this week.

Genre: Action, Eye Candy, Science Fiction, Teen

Unofficial Fan Site: (This is a nice site that seems to be serving as rumor control on this movie. There's a great deal of stuff there; including a review of what may be James Cameron's treatment)

Unofficial Line Site:

Site about the Shooters: (Some people fight to stop world peace, crime, drugs, pollution; and some don't want to see Spidey with Organic web shooters in the movie. Anyway, this site has been set up to protest that decision)

Great Rumor Controls: Comics2Film (The single most comprehensive site for coverage of movies based on comic book characters); Corona's Coming Attractions

Script Review: IGN FilmForce (This is a review of a draft by Koepp from April, 2000, before Scott Rosenberg came aboard. The review is mixed-to-negative but Rosenberg is probably also making many (hopefully good) changes in his revision, so you should keep that in mind. "Stax" makes plenty of suggestions that give you an idea of this draft's weaknesses. It sounds like they're halfway-there with the script; maybe Rosenberg will bring it on home.)

Official Character Site: Spider-Man

Official Site:

The Hunt for Peter Parker:

1/07/00 - Though no one has been officially announced, some of the names mentioned (rumored) in recent months are Heath Ledger (most mentioned), Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris O'Donnell, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr. (1/17/00) We can now add Nicholas Brendon (from the TV version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore), and Wes Bentley (American Beauty) to the mix. (2/6/00) Another possibility is rising star Brit, Jude Law. (4/20/00) Remember up above in January when I said Heath Ledger is the most mentioned contender for the role? That sentiment just keeps coming, with AICN receiving a note that Ledger is getting closer and closer to landing the role, and that the official announcement may be just days away. Stay tuned. (6/14/00) In a recent IGN interview, Heath Ledger says he's not interested in "putting on the tights." (6/19/00) The Hollywood Reporter scooped a very short list of young actors who tried on the blue-and-red tights this past week for director Sam Raimi: Scott Speedman, Jay Rodan, and James Franco. The article also mentions a "rumor" of Tobey Maguire. You should note that nowhere in this short list do you see any of the actors mentioned above... the fan sites may have been stumped this time around (just like the Anakin thing). (7/31/00) Corona is reporting it, AICN is reporting it, and they both seem to have firm sources within Sony saying the same thing: Tobey Maguire has got the job, and has already tried on the Spidey suit, etc. The trades should report the official signing sometime this week, but why wait for them? Tobey's got it.

Teaser Trailer Note:

3/10/00 - A short teaser was shown for this movie at this year's ShoWest. According to AICN, the trailer starts with a black screen, and then as silver lines streak across the screen (Spidey's web), a voiceover says "There is a thin line between a normal man and a hero, a line that one young man is about to cross. In the summer of 2001, let Sony take you on the ultimate spin..." It sounds quite neat. It's unknown when this teaser might appear in theaters or online.

Message Board: Share your thoughts on our "Spider-Man (2002)" Message Board

Input about Greg's Previews of upcoming Movies, or any movie covered here, is encouraged. Just e-mail Greg Dean Schmitz using our feedback form. Please note that all release dates are subject to change.

Greg's Previews Main Page

Recent Updates to This Page:
6/25/03 - Sequel Notes
6/15/03 - Awards
2/11/03 - Nominations

Greg's Preview Thoughts:
Sort: By Most Recent | Chronologically

1/07/00 - While DC Comics has had successful franchises with both Superman and Batman in the last 20 years, a similar film series for Marvel Comics has always eluded them (though Blade could possibly do this as well... Blade 2 is in development), with such 1980's-1990's attempts as The Punisher, Captain America, and Fantastic Four all failing financially (or in the latter's case, not being released at all except for bootleg video). Marvel however is trying their best to correct this in the 2000's, with X-Men already looking to be one of the biggest movies of 2000, and a sequel not far behind. Other projects in various stages of development include Daredevil, Fantastic Four (again), Captain America (again), Doctor Strange, and Silver Surfer (That's a very short list... there are many others).

The movie longest in development however, has got to be Spider-Man, which has development roots going all the way back to the 1970's when there was a failed U.S. TV series that you can occasionally find on the Sci-Fi Network. James Cameron was long attached to it... but he's since given up, but not before he left a treatment which is rumored to be the basis for the project's current script. For a long time, the villain that was supposedly in the film was to be Doctor Octopus (complete with rumors of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the short, pudgy intellectual... uh huh). Now, if the treatment posted online is real, the villains may be Electro and Sandman. I don't really have any opinion on which villains should be in the film, as long as they are real villains from the comic books, and reflect the spirit of the original characters (the rumored treatment has Electro in particular changed quite a bit and made part of Spidey's origin... I'm not sure how I feel about that).

Anyway, I'm writing this in early January, 2000, and there's been a lot of buzz lately on this project... it really feels like Columbia is about to make some sort of announcement. Heath Ledger (The Patriot) is my guess as to who will be Spidey... he was quoted a few months ago as having talked to them about it, and he seems like the sort of young actor who would fit right in. One obstacle to the possibility of some of the more famous names on the list is that Columbia would probably be looking for someone they can sign for several films... this is harder with someone who's already established. Anyway, we should be hearing more soon... as Stan Lee would say, "Stay tuned, webslingers!".

1/10/00 - Just 3 days after posting this page comes word that Columbia Pictures is really pushing for this movie to start production late this Spring, with Sam Raimi (Evil Dead) their first choice to direct.

3/26/00 - One of the rumors about this film that has been bouncing about (pun intended) is that the web-spinners in the movie will not come from metal-shooters that Peter invents, but will come out of his skin as part of his mutation following the spider-bite. I always thought the web shooters were an example of how smart Peter Parker was for a teenager; but I guess the writers figure it's easier to believe webs as a physical manifestation than a teen's invention. We'll see.

4/20/00 - The rumors about who will play Peter Parker continue to swirl, but the name of Heath Ledger keeps coming back. Is it Ledger, the young star of The Patriot, who has the part? With filming scheduled to start early this summer, this should be announced soon.

5/04/00 - Columbia Pictures has pushed this project back slightly, now aiming for a release in the Fall of 2001.

5/11/00 - The villains of the movie have been confirmed. Spidey will be going up against Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin... no word yet on who will play them.

6/19/00 - USA Today reports today that Columbia is now aiming for a "Christmas 2001" release, which this early in the game, usually can be interpreted more loosely as sometime in December (Christmas is used as a season as much as a date). (7/21/00) Several sources have reported that the release date is more around late November.

7/25/00 - Three of the sites in the IGN network got the scoop of images from ComiCon of conceptual costume art. You can start with Corona's Coming Attractions, and from there, they have links to the other two sites as well.

7/31/00 - The word has come out from Sony to several sites (including AICN and Corona) that Tobey Maguire has the lead as Peter Parker. In retrospect, I think it's easy to see that maybe, he was the perfect choice all along. Peter has to have a certain look that would peg him as a "geek" to the jocks in school, but that also gives you a hint of the intellect, sensitivity, and responsibility he has. Heck, Tobey can probably even crack wise with the best (complete with that certain twerpiness Spider-Man has). Expect the trades to run with the official announcements early this week.

Now, casting attention can be turned to the likes of Flash Thompson, Doctor Octavius, Norman Osborne (aka the Green Goblin), Mary Jane Watson, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, J.J. Jonah Jameson, etc.

8/09/00 - Actor Ted Raimi, brother of the director, told the Xena site,, that he will have a small role in this film.

8/27/00 - AICN reports that Sam Raimi may have removed one of the three villains (if you count the bad guy who plays a crucial role in Peter Parker's origin) from the script: Doctor Octopus. This is great news to me, because previous reports had made it sound like Octopus was just serving as a henchman of the Green Goblin, and that is something I never got from the comics; Doc Ock and the GG were more or less equals (though either probably thought he was supreme). They can save Doc Ock for another movie... maybe one featuring the Sinister Six?

8/28/00 - Nicolas Cage won't be able to play the Green Goblin because filming of Windtalkers will last until January, long after this film's November start date. source: New York Daily News) (9/1/00) There's been some more recent casting news. Cinescape confirmed that John Malkovich is in talks to play the Green Goblin, while AICN has posted a rumor that Kate Hudson (soon to be seen in Almost Famous) may be in talks to play Mary Jane.

9/14/00 - According to Variety, Columbia has moved the release date to May 3rd, 2002 to allow for more time. The filming start has also been moved to January, 2001. (9/26/00) Cinescape has confirmed that fan favorite Danny Elfman will be handling the score on this film. (10/4/00) AICN reports that John Malkovich has dropped out of consideration for the role of the Green Goblin.

10/10/00 - James Franco is in talks to play Harry Osborn, the son of Norman Osborn (aka the Green Goblin). Fans of the comic will remember that Harry eventually goes on to replace his father as the Goblin (just something to keep in mind for Spider-Man 3; haha). Also, E! Online reported yesterday that John Malkovich is still in the running to play the Goblin, and that Alicia Witt is also being considered to play Mary Jane Watson (whom I think would be a great choice!). (10/14/00) We can scratch Kate Hudson off the list to play Mary Jane, as she may still be filming Four Feathers.

10/19/00 - Dark Horizons reports that Tobey Maguire might have confirmed that Alicia Witt is in as Mary Jane, and that Malkovich is out as the Green Goblin. (10/23/00) The New York Daily News reported last week that wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage (Snap into a Slim Jim!) is training for an unspecified role in the film. Peter Parker starts off as a professional wrestler, so that's probably the segment Savage is in; maybe as the wrestler he faced in Amazing Fantasy #15, "Crusher Hogan".

10/31/00 - We can cross John Malkovich off the list, because he has signed to star as the older Tom Ripley in Ripley's Game, also filming this spring. (11/8/00) AICN reports that OZ star J.K. Simmons (he plays the senior Skinhead) may be in talks to play Spidey hater J. Jonah Jameson.

11/19/00 - Spider-Man Hype has confirmed that Willem Dafoe has been cast as the Green Goblin (also confirmed by THR and Variety), and that J.K. Simmons and James Franco have signed on as well. The good news with Willem Dafoe is that he's able to pull off that twisted, not-all-there look, and he does bear a slight physical resemblance to the way the Green Goblin is often drawn, so there won't need to be a drastic makeup job. Most importantly, he's a fine actor.

11/21/00 - Speaking of fine actors, if AICN is correct, there may be another fine one on screen for a few minutes, though his character's impact is greater on Peter Parker than his actual screen time. Cliff Robertson is reportedly the man to don the cozy sweater of Uncle Ben Parker.

12/13/00 - Corona first scored the scoop yesterday that the role of Mary Jane has gone to Kirsten Dunst, who will obviously have to either wear a wig or dye her hair red. Other than that... sure, she seems great for the role.

12/16/00 - If you're over 16, and will be in Los Angeles from January 16th to 18th, 2001, you have a chance at being an extra! TVTix, which usually casts TV show audiences, is looking for "racially diverse" extras for scenes to be shot on the Sony lot in Los Angeles to play a crowd in New York. Expect plenty of neck craning. If you're game, send an e-mail to

Also, Jeffrey Wells ( got the scoop this week that Alvin Sargent has been brought in for additional dialogue scripting/rewrites.

12/19/00 - has confirmed that 73-year-old Rosemary Harris has been cast as Aunt May. Harris' most famous previous role is probably Herta Doring in 1978's The Boys from Brazil.

12/20/00 - According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bruce Campbell will be playing the ring announcer during Peter Parker's wrestling match. (12/28/00) Fans over 16 with a few (unpaid) days to kill in Los Angeles from January 17th-19th, 2001 might want to call Metropolis Comics (located at 8323 Firestone Blvd. in Downey, CA) at (562) 869-1492. They'll be coordinating a bus to the Sony set on those days for extras for the big wrestling match scene pitting Peter Parker against Bone Saw McGraw (Macho Man).

1/05/01 - There was a big press conference yesterday on the Sony lot (where they will be filming the Bone Saw McGraw scenes, actually), which mostly confirmed things already known by Spidey sites, but there were a few bits of interest. Dunst will indeed sport red hair as Mary Jane Watson. The costume will retain the blue and red of the comics, though the adjectives "muted" (David Poland) and "more subtle" (Cinescape) have been used. Finally, and this is the biggie: Peter will be bitten not by a radioactively-altered spider, but by a genetically-altered spider, which updates his origin from its Cold War roots, making it more contemporary. Oh, and yes, the shooters will be a combination of "organic" (the web comes from his skin) and mechanical (Peter will devise the shooters that control and focus the webbing). On this webbing subject... this combo makes sense to me. It did seem a little odd that Peter Parker could invent (to paraphrase Sam Raimi), a super glue that even 3M couldn't invent.

1/10/01 - Spider-Man Hype has reported that newcomer Joe Manganiello has signed to play Flash Thompson, the definitive "big man on campus" and perennial annoyance to Peter Parker (not a "friend" as some sources have reported). Flash Thompson is the kind of bully who knocks books out of egghead Peter Parker's hands.

1/12/01 - The last two days, an image originally meant for publication in Entertainment Weekly has made a quick tour of the Internet, now found on a variety of sites, but I like Corona's presentation best. The image appears at first glance to be artwork, but if you look closely enough, you realize that it's indeed a shot of Tobey Maguire in the Spidey suit. The reason it's so hard to tell if it's "photographic" or "artwork" is that the costume design people have done an amazing job of bringing the comic design to real life. What everyone was convinced couldn't be pulled-off appears to have been done... costume that will please the fans and non-fans alike. It looks great.

2/01/01 - It may just be an Easter Egg for fans to revel in, or a clue of things to come, but Ted Rami's role has been confirmed as Dr. Curt Conners, the scientist best known as his scaly alter ego, The Lizard. Consider that in the Batman series, when Two-Face was eventually cast, the role went to Tommy Lee Jones instead of Billy Dee Williams, who played Harvey in the first two films.

2/08/01 - Anyone in the L.A. area who wants to be an extra in late March should check out Metropolic Comics, which is organizing a casting call.

2/14/01 - With these sort of high-profile projects, there's always some joker who puts out false information, that is then, unfortunately widely dispersed enough that people start to think it's real. In this case, Spider-Man Hype! has revealed that Ted Raimi is not, after all, playing Dr. Kurt Conners, but just someone who works at the Daily Bugle. So, there's no "Lizard" cameo.

2/20/01 - You can also find information about the March extras casting call here. (3/5/01) The official site is now slightly active, promising more on March 23rd, 2001. (3/6/01) A welder died while working on a sign for one of the sets in Downey, CA today, in a crane accident. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that site will be closed for a few days while inspectors examine the incident, but as the set was not to be used for another few weeks, this should not delay filming.

3/19/01 - Rosemary Harris revealed to the AP this weekend that one of her big scenes sees the Green Goblin crashing into Aunt May's house. Also, unlike many other superheroes, Spider-Man lives in a very real neighborhood, and in a few weeks, filming will take place for two days in Forest Hills, Queens.

3/20/01 - Spider-Man-Hype has the exclusive scoop of the first image of the Green Goblin. Also, is looking for 2,000 extras in Los Angeles on March 26th for a big crowd scene (set at a "World Unity Festival" at New York's Time Square). The site teases that the scene will include Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker; possibly the Green Goblin and Spider-Man.

4/02/01 - SpiderManHype got the exclusive this weekend of the first look at the poster, which is a simple photograph of the Spidey costume's head. After expecting for years for it to be something mysterious like the Spider logo from his back or something, I'm surprised... but I like it nonetheless. I notice that the attention to detail looks a bit like the Alex Ross paintings in Marvels, actually.

4/06/01 - Four of the Spidey costumes have disappeared from the set, for which there is a $25,000 reward. Sony has got plenty of others, of course, and filming continues.

4/09/01 - Another, more clear, photo of the Green Goblin is at

6/14/01 - I've been sort of waiting for a *really* cool image for this page, and from Corona comes the image above that looks so much like a comic book, it's still hard to believe it's really Tobey Maguire underneath.

6/18/01 - We can expect the first teaser trailer to be attached to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (and to appear at the official site around that time as well).

7/04/01 - Corona got a few scoops last week about what the teaser trailer includes. I'll let you go there to read it in great detail (including the "wow-that's-cool" ending), but I'll just say that it *does* sound amazing. Watch out for a trailer that starts off with a bank robbery, like lots of typical crime/thriller trailers, and then changes when the bad guys get on a helicopter...

I think Sony may have just guaranteed some extra b.o. for their expensive Final Fantasy.

7/09/01 - Online fans who don't want to see Final Fantasy (and don't mind missing out on the chance to see a great trailer in big screen glory) won't have to wait long, just two days, as the official site (and Spider-Man Hype!) will debut the teaser trailer at 9:00 PM, PST on July 13th.

7/13/01 - Well, they popped up early! The trailer is now at the official site in a variety of formats. I think you aren't quite getting the same effect, however, by seeing it in a little box; on the big screen, this teaser BLEW ME AWAY. I mean, I pretty much knew what was coming, and sometimes when you know, you're not as impressed... some of the excitement is let out prematurely. Not this time. I got goosepimples and a chill running down my back... I was expecting less Spider-Man (and for most of it to be CGI), but the very first glimpse is of Tobey in the costume, and it looks gorgeous (if you've seen the poster up close, you know that already). Great job, Sony!

8/20/01 - SpiderManHype now has the promo clip that has been making the rounds (E3, Comic Con, etc.) at exhibitions. Most of it is clearly still being worked on, but it's interesting regardless, if just to compare to the final product.

9/11/01 - I think we can expect some sort of reaction announcement from Columbia Pictures soon, in the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster, considering how prominent the buildings were in the trailer (and quite possibly the film itself). Here's a similar post at Spider-Man Hype.

9/12/01 - Indeed, the trailer has been pulled from the official site, and it and the current poster (which shows the World Trade Center reflected in Spidey's eyes) will be pulled from theaters. (9/13/01) Variety confirms that the World Trade Center sequence that made up that first trailer hadn't been planned to be in the film itself, so it will not need to be edited out. Expect any scenes that would have previously shown the towers to be reshot/edited.

9/14/01 - The new teaser trailer will debut in December (source: Spider-Man Hype). (9/17/01) Sony has requested that all teaser images be pulled from this page; so I have.

9/21/01 - AICN has scored two very clear photo's of Spidey and the Green Goblin. They're both among the best yet, but the Green Goblin still doesn't seem "quite there" to me. I think the full effect on it is going to have wait until we see it moving, and hear Dafoe's voice and cackling come from it... right now, it looks like a toy, not a movie character. Spider-Man... looks amazing.

10/01/01 - The revised version of the teaser appeared at the official site over the weekend, now clocking in at a slim 30 seconds. The effect is a bit disquieting, because it can't overcome the feeling that it's starting in the middle... by lopping off the whole first minute (the bank robbery and World Trade Center scenes), and jumping straight into the techno-fueled "I wanna take you for a roller coaster ride" part at the end... it feels odd. Having said that, there is one nice thing... it's a true teaser. It comes and goes SO fast.

Oh, and by the way, since I get this request via e-mail occasionally, the song heard in the teaser trailer is called "Leave You Far Behind", is by a band called Lunatic Calm, and appears on their Metropol CD. It was also used in The Matrix.

11/07/01 - The first official image of the Green Goblin is up now at Spider-Man Hype! It remains odd-looking as his mouth is open all the time like that... I was initially guessing that the costume seen in various set shots would be replaced later on by CGI that allowed his mouth to move, but this image suggests that nope, it just hangs there. The trick will be to see it within its context... maybe there's something creepy going on here we don't know about yet.

11/18/01 - Two scenes from the film are now available to download over at the official site, one each for Spidey and the Green Goblin. Spidey's is by far the more impressive, though it's relatively low-key, just showing something longtime readers are quite used to seeing... Peter Parker sneaking into his apartment while still in costume (in this case, finding out that he's not alone). Willem Dafoe's brief appearance shows why he landed this role... the look on his face is just great. As for the Green Goblin bit... it's more action-oriented, and the glider seems "cool", but we still don't get a close enough look at the way the costume operates in motion.

12/08/01 - Spider-Man Hype! reported this week that the second trailer is expected to debut on TV during the 12/13/01 episode of Temptation Island, before arriving in theaters (with Lord of the Rings in some theaters).

12/15/01 - The official site now has that full trailer in a variety of formats to view... it's quite a sight; an exciting, well-made trailer that seems to show a film that's faithful to its source. Spider-Man Hype!, as always your one-stop source for this film, has made enjoying the trailer even more fun, with 140 images from it available.

1/27/02 - With hopes high about the possibilities of a franchise, Army Archerd of Variety reports that production is tentatively scheduled to start on Spider-Man 2 in January, 2003 (maybe for a summer, 2004 release?).

3/18/02 - The next trailer will debut online on Wednesday, March 27th, 2002, and in theaters with Panic Room on March 29th. This will be the last trailer, and we can expect it to be the "holy crap!" one, the equivalent of that latest Star Wars trailer... the coolest yet. (3/27/02) That trailer is indeed at the official site now. It actually feels like a slimmer trailer than a few of the older ones, focusing on Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, and action sequences of Spidey web-swinging, explosions, etc.

3/29/02 - Comics Continuum reports that Stan Lee's cameo has been cut from the film (it should be on the DVD though). (4/4/02) reports that Stan Lee is still to be seen in one scene.... in the corner of the screen, behind the villains. Apparently what CC was talking about was an extended cameo scene where Lee actually gets to talk to Peter Parker.

4/05/02 - Director Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst were all confirmed as having signed on for the sequel in the trades today, with filming confirmed for early 2003. Expect a preview page soon.

4/09/02 - The big news today is that columnist David Poland has the honor of being the first to post a review of the film, and he's done a smashing job of it, as well, with a long main review, accompanied by three, count'em, three spoiler pages. Also, CountingDown has two goodies: a site for people planning on lining up early, and an interview with Spider-Man cocreator Stan Lee.

4/10/02 - Super Hero Hype has scored the scoop of the download debut of a new TV commercial that features just a riveting score and pure action scenes... it's quite compelling.

4/17/02 - If you thought that was good... CountingDown's got the best stuff online yet... nine clips that together give you over seven minutes of the actual movie to watch at home (they claim ten minutes, but the actual running times of the clips only add up to seven). (Note: The sheer "coolness" of this is really slowing down their servers... you might have to keep trying back later on.)

5/04/02 - Well, I, like many other people, saw the movie yesterday, and it's great. What more can I say? What more should I say? It may not technically be the "best movie" ever made based on a comic book, but it's certainly one of the most faithful and effective adaptations of a comic book super hero, and one of the trickiest to adapt, at that. Screenwriter David Koepp and director Sam Raimi did an amazing job of combining Peter Parker's somewhat detailed origin story with the general idea of the Green Goblin's first character arc in the comics (which stretched over dozens of comics, including the whole "death of Gwen Stacy" thing). Running at 121 minutes, this is one of the most "epic" super hero movies, even though it's set in such an everyday-looking version of New York City (and mostly during the day, even). Maguire's great, Dunst is great, it's all great, great, great.

Until I post a page for Spider-Man 2, I will be posting sequel notes over to the left, and this column will probably end now, but as a final note, as I write this on May 4th, the numbers are in on the first day, and the movie took in $41.4 million, suggesting a final weekend take of something like $107 million... busting the 3-day weekend record of $90.29 million set by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone last year. This is a record that looks like it might be very difficult to beat.

5/06/02 - The final total for the three-day weekend was $114.8 million, breaking many records.

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