Academic Degree Programs

University Professors Program

The University Professors Program is an interdisciplinary program for gifted students. Often abbreviated as "UNI," the program boasts jauntily, proudly, and accurately that it is "UNIque." The fundamental purpose is to build bridges between disciplines. In an age of rampant specialization, UNI dedicates itself to creating and sustaining conversations that cross disciplinary boundaries. It does so by combining thoughtful structure with unusual freedom.

Each undergraduate begins the program by participating in the "Core": small, seminar-style classes emphasize analytical reading and writing in the domains of the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. In the second year, the student, in close consultation with one or more advisors, begins to select courses that will prepare for the culminating exercise—an ambitious senior thesis that might link such fields as physics and philosophy, religion and literature, or politics and anthropology. Throughout the program, each student works in an intimate community of fellow explorers and distinguished scholars, who are themselves teaching and writing across the disciplines.