Town of Grande Cache

Administration Office
Box 300 Grande Cache, AB   TOE OYO
(Street Address: 10001 Hoppe Ave.)


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Administration & Development Staff

Mayor Louise Krewusik
Email: louise.krewusik@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362 ext. 33
Fax 780-827-2406
Chief Administrative Officer

Darren Ottaway
Email: darren.ottaway@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362 ext. 31
Fax 780-827-2406

Chief Financial Officer

Carolyn Ferraby
Email: carolyn.ferraby@grandecache.ca  
Phone 780-827-3362 ext. 25
Fax 780-827-2406

Development/Planning Officer Bob Krewusik
Email: bob.krewusik@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362  ext. 30
Fax 780-827-2406
Community Development Officer

Tara Wignes
Email: tara.wignes@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362  ext. 27
Fax 780-827-2406

Coordinator of Administration & Land Development

Debbie McCann
Email: debbie.mccann@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362  ext. 28
Fax 780-827-2406

Corporate Administrative Assistant

Lisa Brown
Email: lisa.brown@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362 ext. 31
Fax 780-827-2406

Accounts Receivable & Tax Clerk

Louise McMann
Email: louise.mcmann@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362  ext. 23
Fax 780-827-2406

Accounts Payable

Diane Fournier
Email: diane.fournier@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362  ext. 24
Fax 780-827-2406

Receptionist & Utilities Clerk Judith Coughlin
Email: judith.coughlin@grandecache.ca
Phone 780-827-3362  ext. 21
Fax 780-827-2406

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