History and Credits


The Linux Audio Development Mailing list has existed since September 1998. Among its founding members were Dave Phillips, well known for his fantastic linux-sound.org, the Csound for Linux wizards Nicola Bernardini, Robin Whittle and Damien Miller, Paul Barton-Davis and Jean Piche and Alexandre Burton (creators of Cecilia).


These pages were launched in March 2000. Until then, Dave's page had been the only sign-in point to LAD. To take some traffic off his immensely popular site, we put up an alternate entrance here.

The LAD list was hosted on ginette.musique.umontreal.ca, the server of the music faculty at the Université de Montréal. Many thanks to them for donating space and bandwidth to the Linux Community!

The first list owner was Alexandre Burton. Thanks for almost three years of maintenance work, Alex!

At about the same time the LAD Archive was started. Thanks to contributions from long-term subscribers almost all older messages could be included. Our first host was somewhat dubious and almost permanently unreachable. Apologies to all who tried in vain to connect.

With our move to www.linuxdj.com in June 2000, these problems were sorted out. In the same move the entire page was rewritten in PHP3, as it had become a jolly good maintenance nightmare :)


January 2001 saw another restructuring - the old pages had become too long to be readable.

Since May 2001, we have an official logo for the LAD list and related activities.

Since June 2001, the list had been located on roar.music.columbia.edu, the music server of Columbia University, NYC. Thanks to Douglas Repetto for this kind offer.

Jörn Nettingsmeier became the new maintainer.

In August 2001, the LAU list was started to provide a support and exchange forum for users.


At the end of April 2002, the lists were moved to Mailman. The Linux Audio Announce list was added.


End of April 2006, the site moved to lad-linuxaudio.org to become part of the Linuxaudio.org Consortium web resources hosted at Virginia Tech. Many thanks to Ivica Ico Bukvic for taking care of that.

In August Thorsten Wilms took over site (but not mailing list) maintainership, cleaned up and created a new look :)


The original LAD Logo was designed by Frank Neumann in 2001. He defined the following license terms:

Linux Audio Developers Logos (C) 2001 Frank Neumann

These logos may be used freely by anyone to refer to or show affiliation with the Linux Audio Developers team, like through web pages, flyers, program startup splash screens, self-printed T-shirts etc.

Usage of these logos for commercial purposes is also allowed, but I (Frank Neumann) would like to get a proof (magazine, T-shirt, whatever) when it is used. I do not enforce this, however - it would just be a polite act on your side.

Apart from that, use these logos for whatever you want.

For the ideas behind the design, visit Frank's logo page.

The old logo in several versions and formats.

In September 2006, Thorsten Wilms revised the logo. The revised logo in several versions and formats.