About Peacemonger - Ultimately, I am a truth seeker, a fun lover, a peace activist, and a music junkie. I have been an artist all my life. With years of experience in tie dye and batik work, I also do mural painting and graphic arts. I also have a passion for fundraising. Peacemonger has allowed me to join aspects from all these paths. It has been my good fortune to travel to many amazing music festivals (see "Events" link,) and to be part of peace rallies and vigils, (with and without the Peacemonger booth.) I love interacting with people, learning and sharing as much as possible all the while. I will hope to see YOU at one of our events in 2006! Let's hope it is a year to bring us into the light of peace. "One way or another...this darkness got to give!"


Peacemonger began as a way for me to express myself since the beginning of this horrible dark age of war and lies. I am combining elements from my past artistic design in the days of The Grateful Dead with my passion to communicate peace. I love to laugh with my customers, so parody and sarcastic humor will likely remain a strong theme in Peacemonger's line of products. Peace being the original inspiration for this endeavor, you will be seeing more and more positive thinking messages as well as truth seeking and progressive wisdom in the wares offered at Peacemonger.

If you are a retail customer, please check back in from time to time. I will be continuing to update and create new designs and products. If you don't do Paypal or wish to order via US Mail, please call or send a check or Money Order payable to:

Jerry Jaspar
Box 3334
Visalia, CA 93278
559 799 8801

....add $2.50 s/h to all orders. If you have a shop or an interfaith group, many of our designs have proven themselves as fundraisers. (I also donate roughly 10% of my proceeds to a wide array of charities. Please check my "Spare Change the World" tip jar for details and a list of our fundraising recipients) If you are a vending coordinator with a hip event or know of an important political rally, I hope this site helps give you the information you need to include Peacemonger in your future!


Hope for Mankind:

The hope for unity and coexistence remains. Momentum is building for peace. The warmongers want us to be afraid. They feed us a continual stream of bad news. They create bad news and thrive on our fear and divisive reactions. We at Peacemonger believe in peace. We see it could start to break out everywhere at any time now!

Think Positively! Be Positive!

We take comfort in the fact that our messages of Peace, Unity, and Coexistence are our best sellers. It's tempting to make our site an "all positive - all the time" experience. (contact me to weigh in on this idea please!) For sure we will be adding many more positive designs, and more wise and famous quotes as well. However, we at Peacemonger find these truths to be self evident:

1: You are NOT my president!

2: The faithful, interfaithful, and atheists all love to laugh.

3: Laughter is good, if only to keep from crying!

We at Peacemonger resist the urge to violent and bloody revolution. We fill the urge to lash out physically with malice and forethought with graphic sarcasm and humorous parody. We create some "divisive" items for.. uh, therapeutic reasons! Yeah...that's the ticket! It feels good to laugh, so in the end even our "negative" items are positive in nature!

Peacemonger is small. From it's beginning in 2003 till now, it's been one person, owner Jerry Jaspar doing all the design, order filling, bookkeeping, driving, setting up and tearing down at festivals full time. There have been a dozen or so special angels out there who have helped out a lot! Special thanks go out to you all! (You know who you are.) We continue in 2007 with the hope of Peacemonger becoming more of a collective. We want to share the load - and the rewards. If you want to be a Peacemonger, contact me. We need help in many areas including concept design, record keeping, marketing, networking and more. Recently, some creative and organized people have begun working with Jerry. Hopes are high for a growing, efficiently run business which will thrive long into the future.

We strive now to fill orders once a week. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks from the time your order is placed till delivery. This is especially for wholesale, so plan ahead. If you are EVER dissatisfied for any reason, Peacemonger will make it right.


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