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Everybody say "10%"

Monday 02 October, 2006 - 15:10 by Hill$ong Squad in Default

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Christian City Church
Oxford Falls
Sunday 1 October 2006
10am service
Pastors Phil Pringle and Pat Mesiti
(Phil Pringle) ....So now we're going to receive our tithes and offerings ....so I want you to get ready to give.. this morning...and if you need an envelope because you use a credit card for giving.. just raise your hand ..otherwise on a newsletter, there's a tear off strip...you can fill out your details on that.
We have an EFTPOS machine up the back...of if you're on the internet you can give through the web page there.. up on the right hand side..you'll find an area there for giving.
I'm going to ask Pat Mesiti just to come and share around the offering this morning. Amen. Give Pat a big hand would ya? (applause) In fact next Sunday morning, I've asked Pat to preach here, he's going to preach about reaching the world. Amen. God bless ya.
(Pat Mesiti) Amen church. You love the Lord? Oh good ...(inaudible) You love the Lord? ('Yeah')
Jesus said an interesting thing in the bible. I'll have to give you a little bit...what prompted that thought.
Little while ago I was talking to someone ..and they said...they said, 'Pat, I'm a Christian.'
'And so, well, how do you define if you are a Christian?'
And they said 'well, you know, I kinda go to church.'
And I said, 'well that's really cool.' But, people ..don't read the bible say really dumb things. And you would agree with that.
Jesus said this, that if you love me, do what I say.
Obedience is really the sign that we are lovers of Jesus. Can I get an 'Amen'?
How many of you are married? Raise your hands.
How many of you husbands have learned to obey your wife? (laughter)
We Italians have got it figured out. we say 'the man is the head, but the woman is the neck that turns him around'. (laughter)
In Malachi Chapter 3, come with me to this awesome passage of scripture.
Pastor Phil is a modern day revivalist, would you agree with that?
I really believe that....can we give our pastor a hand, he's a modern day revivalist. (applause)
And one of the keys to the outpouring of heaven ....we've had a lot about prayer ..and today we're gonna hear about something else and next Sunday I want to really share about getting the salt out of a shaker and making a difference in our world..and can you please bring friends.
I want to see people saved.
But here in Malachi Chapter 3...it shows us this incredible insight into opening up the windows of Heaven.
Not just prayer and telling people and acts of mercy, but God right here says this...he says 'will a man rob God?'
Now the first thing is ..how do you take away from God?
It isn't that we go to God ..and take that...because in actual fact, God really enjoys it when you take something of Him into your world.
When you take grace from His throne ..into your world...God enjoys it... can I get an Amen? ('Amen')
But here's the concept...if you look at the Hebrew scripture ...it is a picture of a goblet with a lid on it. And the way we rob God is we put a restriction on what God loves to do. Which is what? Blessing.
And it says, 'will a man restrict, will a man block God.'
Here you say, how have you robbed me? And God says 'in tithes and offerings'.
And then He says this, 'Bring all the tithes into the storehouse.'
Everybody say 'all the tithes' ('all the tithes')
Everybody say 'all the tithes' ('all the tithes')
What is a tithe? Let me explain. The tithe...is 10 per cent.
Everybody say '10 per cent' ('10 per cent').
10 per cent.
God says, 'Bring me what's mine ...bring me that 10 per cent.'
If you're in a business deal...and someone said to you, 'you know what....I'm going to let you keep 90 per cent, just give me 10, how many of you think that would be a great business deal?
And God says '10 per cent'.
Now some people might say, 'yeah, that's Old Testament that's under law.'
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This is pre-law, this is under the Malchizadek priesthood, who is a type of Jesus.
We are bringing out tithes, the bible says, unto Jesus.
10 per cent. Now why 10 per cent?
You see, if God set an amount, it would not be fair, correct? It wouldn't be fair if God said 'bring a thousand dollars to the storehouse every week.' It wouldn't be fair.
But God is a God who is a just and righteous God.
He said, 'bring a percentage', so that the person who's earning a thousand dollars a week or a hundred thousand dollars a week ...I had a gentleman in Malaysia one day say to me this...he said 'if I bring my tithe to the church every week' ...he said (inaudible) ...he said 'I'd have to be bringing ten thousand dollars a week into the tithe'.
And I said 'would you like me to pray that you only have to give a hundred dollars a week'? (laughter)
It's all relevant. Say 'Amen or ouch'.
See, and here it is, it's not my tithe, language is so important, it's His tithe, and the tithe, literally is a sign that God is really Lord and master over all. That is the symbol of the tithe.
Three things it does to you, it brings you protection.
Second thing it does, it opens up the windows of Heaven.
Listen to what it says here. Look at this church.
'If I will not open up for you the windows of Heaven and pour out for you such a blessing, there will not be room enough to receive it.'
You know as I was driving to church this morning, I always try and prepare my spirit for the offering message, just in case.
I always say honestly every Sunday when I'm  in church ...I always do ..because...I know Pastor Phil.
But you know I was just preparing my heart, and I said, 'Lord, if I were to do the offering this morning, what could I say that would encourage people?
And here's what I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit about.
"Tell my people, I don't understand the concept of 'just enough'."
God doesn't get that concept ...because wherever God does a miracle...listen to me church, the loaves and the fishes, there'll be 12 baskets left over...for everybody.
When he taught out from the widow's miracle ..of the widow's oil ...there..they filled the jars ..and there was so much there...she could have kept pouring today if she was alive. What an amazing thing.
When God does it, He's a God of more than enough, his name is El Shaddai, the God of plenty, not El Cheapo, the Lord, the Tightwad. (laughter)
How many of you thank God for that?
And I want us to understand that this morning.
Let's bring all the tithes, not half of it, a quarter of it, all the tithes ..and God says 'I'll pour open Heaven'
'I don't understand the concept of just.....I wanna pour out abundance.'
But don't restrict Him.
Father, we thank you for our ability to be able to give to you. I thank you for this House, I thank you for what you're doing. I thank this House, your building, we're working with you.
Lord I ask you to bless every tither, every obedient tither ...as they bring your store out of every offering, in Jesus' name.
If you need an envelope this morning, please raise your hand.
If you want to give by credit card, at the back of the room there is an EFTPOS machine there, if you'd like to give through EFTPOS machine.
If you're writing out a cheque, please make it payable to Christian City Church.
God bless you church as you give."
Length of offering sermon..7:05min

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