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Montage of T&G membersCountdown to the new union: 1st May 2007

Your union is changing

The T&G and amicus have voted to merge into a new united union. The merger begins on May 1st - International Workers' Day.

There will be an 18 month transition period ending in November 2008, with the election of the new union's executive in June 2008.

During the transitional period, the two merging unions will continue as sections of the new union, operating on the basis of their own rules as well as the new general rules. Find out more about the move towards a new union.

Campaigning for your rights

Stop sign saying Stop the undercutting Stop the abuse

Equal rights for agency workers
British labour law fails to protect agency workers. Paul Farrelly MP's Temporary and Agency Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) bill was talked out on March 2nd but the campaign continues.

100% Campaign logo

100% Membership Campaign
"A union that wins in the workplace is a union that will grow." The T&G is focusing its time, effort and resources on rebuilding workplace organisation. The aim is to organise around the big industrial issues that confront our members at the sharp end, strengthening workplace organisation to win a better deal for all T&G members.

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General secretary: Tony Woodley
Deputy general secretary: Jack Dromey

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