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ABOUT US Since mid 2003, Rock for a Remedy, Inc. (RFAR) has coordinated a multitude of food drives with artists including Guster, Blues Traveler, Maroon 5, Dispatch, Gavin Degraw, Tristan Prettyman, O.A.R., Michael Tolcher, Matt Nathanson, Damien Rice, and Jason Mraz. Thus far we have executed more than 50 food drives and collected over 70,000 (almost 35 tons...and growing at every show!) with the help of these amazing artists and their fans. Each Food Drive directly benefits the community in which the concert is held.

Beginning as a whim, a group of Jason Mraz's friends and fans realized Mraz's inclination toward charity and our frequent presence at live music shows could work very well together for the greater good. The reaction has been tremendous; artists, their management teams, the venues and local media have all supported us fully and enthusiastically. The concertgoers, generally in the 16-30 age range, have been incredibly generous to the cause. They've become useful promoters of our organization by posting mentions of food drives over various artist message boards and within their own neighborhoods. We are constantly amazed to listen to kids at shows telling us how psyched they are to be "doing something" --- that they always thought that charity involved writing large checks or giving up the little bit of free time they have after school, work and other commitments. They are learning that every little bit makes a difference, and it certainly helps if their favorite musicians are also supporting the cause. The artist involvement gets them interested, excited and more than willing to pass it on to friends. Recently, RFAR has begun consulting with artists to produce charitable events that benefit other causes, including Breast Cancer awareness and prevention and the survivors of the Tsunami tragedy.

RFAR, Inc. does not only limit their scope to only nationally known touring artists! As an organization, we feel strongly that everyone has the ability to make a difference in the world. In that vein, we encourage ALL musicians who would like to organize a benefit in conjunction with a live music performance to contact us. Additionally, volunteers are always welcome to join our already large and enthusiastic database of givers! When we come to your town (and we WILL come to your town), we can always use a hand with grassroots promotion and day-of-show efforts.