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"Building the Neighborhood" or developing a new downtown Cleveland community is at the core of HGN's advocacy mission.

Today, the ten residential conversions in the Historic Gateway Neighborhood are successful in meeting growing consumer demand.

The Buckeye Building, the Windsor Block, the Pointe at Gateway Apartments, the Huron Square Apartments, the Statler Arms, the Commercial Building, the Osborn Building  and the newly opened WT Grant Building combine a turn-of-the-century charm with modern lifestyle.

The Sincere Building, at East 4th and Prospect, recently opened and is the first conversion to FOR SALE housing in the neighborhood.  The Pointe at Gateway now also offers FOR SALE condos.

Opening soon is MCrory-Frederick-Graves on East 4th Street.

In addition to the existing inventory of nearly 600 units, 500 more units of housing are in the planning stages for the Gateway district. Currently three clusters of housing show promise for ongoing development:

      1) The East 4th Historic District, spearheaded by the Buckeye, Windsor, and Commercial Buildings;

      2) the intersection of E. 9th, Prospect, and Huron Roads with the Pointe at Gateway, the Osborn Building and Huron Square;

      3) the emerging Euclid Avenue Corridor which connects Public Square to University Circle. The Statler Arms renovation is the lead project here where nearly 3000 new downtown housing units can ultimately be built in this corridor.

HGN has fostered demand studies of for-sale housing units in order to insure a mix of units in the Historic Gateway Neighborhood. HGN in cooperation with the Downtown Cleveland Partnership has received significant developer interest for Euclid Avenue from Public Square to East 12th Street. Jointly, a historic district strategy is being implemented because of prior success in historic districts being a catalyst for raising equity development dollars.

New for-sale condominiums on existing surface parking lots have also been studied with regard to feasibility and design. Interested developers and residents should contact the HGN offices at (216) 771-1994 for more information.

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