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Vista's New Aero UI = CPU Hog (3/20/2007 - 4:42PM)
You know the old IT lament: "What Intel/AMD giveth, Microsoft taketh away." This is especially true with Vista. Microsoft's latest Windows incarnation adds a host of background services that chew-up virtually all of your system's free CPU cycles. But by far the worst offender is Aero, Vista's snappy new GUI that just happens to be a total CPU hog. Read on and see the carnage first hand as documented by the exo.repository.
New Tracker Agent Available (3/19/2007 - 12:00PM)
A new version (6.07) of the DMS Clarity Metrics Tracker Agent is now available for download. Key improvements include Windows Vista support and improved error recovery. Current xpnet participants are encouraged to login to the DMS Clarity Analysis Portal site and download this new version to upgrade any contributing systems.
The Secret Life of SuperFetch (3/10/2007 - 2:08AM)
You know it's there. Lurking below the surface of Windows Vista. Making your HDD light flash at odd moments. But just what does SuperFetch actually do? And what are the tradeoffs in terms of performance impact on other applications and services? We take a look at Vista SuperFetch through the eyes of the exo.repository. You'll be surprised by what we found...
What is xpnet?
The exo.performance.network (xpnet) is a global, community-based effort to gather real-world metrics data from Windows-based systems and to analyze that data in order to extract common threads of knowledge and information. By compiling a comprehensive database of system and application metrics (the exo.repository), xpnet researchers hope to identify critical trends and to provide valuable feedback to the global IT community.
How Does It Work?
Participating organizations contribute to the repository by downloading and deploying the DMS Clarity Tracker Agent across one or more representative Windows-based systems. The agent then collects system and process metrics data and uploads it to the DMS Clarity Web Portal, where it is accessible only to the originating contributor and members of the xpnet research and support staff.

Note: The exo.performance.network is a free service made available by Devil Mountain Software, Inc. All of the tools and research deliverables offered through this site are available for non-commercial use at no cost to the end-user.
Community-Driven Research
The xpnet research process is entirely user-driven. Through regular polls and surveys we provide our contributors with direct input into topic selection and focus areas. We then deliver our findings via regular postings to the exo.blog, with targeted coverage for hot button topics. Some examples of the types of data we hope to generate:
  • Analyzing the runtime behavior of common Windows applications and services
  • Assessing the impact of migration between Windows OS and application versions
  • Comparing the efficiency of competing platforms for executing real-world workloads
  • Gauging the effect of new hardware technologies on Windows application behavior
  • Calculating lifecycle projections for various hardware/software/workload combinations
Get Involved!
Interested parties can help support our efforts by registering for a free xpnet account and then contributing data from one or more systems. In return for you participation you'll gain access to a range of tools and resources for analyzing your own repository contributions:

You'll also be able to tap our developer resources so you can build your own, custom analysis packages that leverage the exo.repository. Externalization features, like XML query support, provide direct access to repository records. Build your own, custom monitoring framework using our agents and templates - for free!

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