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This page contains all the FAQs categorized into the following sections. Please add new FAQs here --> FAQ first and then insert them into a category on this page. Note the last FAQ-Number that has been added here, so a wiki gardener can collecet every once in a while the latest FAQs and sort the into the categories here. Thank you!
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FAQ2:I cant find good documentation. Where is it?
FAQ7: Where can I get OFBIZ latest release?
FAQ8: I got the source. How do I get further now?
FAQ18: Howto get the ofbiz demo up and running from the latest svn-source?
FAQ6: Is there a recommended Database to use?
FAQ11: Can I deploy OFBIZ in Weblogic, Webshpere etc.? If yes then how?

Developer FAQ

FAQ3: Whats this freemarker ftl, bsh and widget thing?
FAQ12: How can OFBIZ interface with external devices like barcode scanners?
FAQ20 How can I publish a service as webservices in ofbiz?
FAQ21 What is the best practice to modify a existing component or create a new on?

OFBIZ-Sizing and Tuning

FAQ9: How many active users can OFBIZ support?
FAQ10: Are there any performance statistics for maximum load that can be handled by OFBIZ?
FAQ13: Why are OFBIZ reports not exportable to EXCEL?
FAQ14: What are the bare minimum components required for OFBIZ to run?
FAQ15: How to run OFBIZ keeping the essential components and certain components I want to use alone?
FAQ16: What are the common methods and classes used to query the database and what is the syntax to use them?
FAQ17: What is the preferred hardware configuration of OFBIZ? (say for example there are about 5000 concurrent users who will be accessing it)


FAQ29: Using a foreign localisation on Windows I can't switch to English with the main combo-box neither in Ecommerce application nor in Backoffice console. Other language works fine. What can I do ?

OFBIZ Security Architecture

FAQ19 How are the various roles used?

Architecture and OFBIZ Competitive Analysis

FAQ1: What is the difference between OFBIZ and other Framworks (e.g. Spring)?

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