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   When the Military Industry Corporation (MIC), was established in 1993, the main purpose was to erect developed military industry to meet the country defense needs and to share in shifting and nationalizing modern technology and the use of it in defensive areas.
MIC accomplished this mission successfully by the plans and policies it pursed and by its wide cooperation with the others, which allowed considerable financial capabilities and qualified human resources and experience. MIC is considered as one of development, industry and agriculture pillars, rising in the country with its contribution in those areas and with introducing some important industry and technology. It is also considered as a good sample to partnership between private and public sector. The Corporation is distinguished with a bouquet of military products and civil products, which contribute in the country development in all areas. The corporation works in both military and civil sections, integrate through a coherent system where every one is specialized in producing a certain military or civil product, but some Complexes of the Corporation are able to make a combination of military and civil products at the same time but with ranging rates.

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Al-Bashier Battle tank

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Military Products:


 Pistols - Rifles - Sub-machine guns Machine guns


Howitzers -  Mortars - Rocket launchers



Battle Tanks - Multi purpose Armored Personnel Carriers - Armored Personnel Infantry Fighting vehicle -  Armored Personnel Carriers - Self-Propelled Howitzer 


 Small arms ammunition - Artillery Ammunition - Rocket Projectile:

Electro-optics and Communication Equipment