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It turns out Yahoo! is their space, too.
4 million more 18-24 year olds hang out on Yahoo! than MySpace. (Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Dec 2006)
Wherever you go, there we are.
Yahoo! is the #1 mobile web destination in the U.S.
(Source: M:Metrics Syndicated Data Service, Nov 2006)
You think the music at your house is loud?
Yahoo! Music blasts tunes to over 25 million people a month.
(Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Dec 2006)
Get out your foam fingers.
Fans spend more time on Yahoo! Sports than any other sports site.
(Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Dec 2006)
And you think hosting a dinner party is ambitious.
We welcome 77 million people to our home each and every day.
(Source: comScore WorldMetrix, Dec 2006)
Turns out it's really more like Everybody's Yahoo!.
50 million people call My Yahoo! home.
(Source: comScore WorldMetrix, Dec 2006)
Guess who got the high score again.
Yahoo! Games is the #1 online game site.
(Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Dec 2006)
And you think your teenager is a know-it-all.
In its first year, Yahoo! Answers knew 160 million answers.
(Source: Yahoo!)
Imagine a college with 16 million students.
More 18-24 year olds on the Web go to Yahoo! than anywhere else.
(2 times more than Facebook. 3 times more than YouTube.)
(Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Dec 2006)
Everyone needs someone to look up to.
More people chose Yahoo! Mail during the last 12 months than any other email service in the world.
(Source: comScore US, Dec 2006)
Extra, extra. (And that's just our audience.)
Yahoo! News reaches more people than the print versions of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times combined.
(Source: comScore Media Metrix, US, Dec 2006, SRDS MEDIA SOLUTIONS - Consumer Magazine Advertising Source®)
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