Letters to the Editor

Aethean Incogneto August 28, 1998

Aethean contributes speculations on why we are fascinated by death and horror. His analysis is a little depressing but I expect it is not far off the mark.

Jim Bader August 28, 1998

Jim writes eloquently, convincingly, and explicitly on why cooking fantasies are not to be reviled. This is one of the best essays I have read on the subject in a long time. Highly recommended.

Dragon Prince September 12, 1998

Mr. Prince writes of experiences that are similar to mine. He writes of fantasies that start at an early age and become quite elaborate. His studies lead him to the conclusion that this kink is derived primarily from media exposure. I don't entirely agree with his position, but it is plausible. I am an optimist -- I think we are shaped by factors wider than our media rich environment. I find it too depressing to consider that we are so influenced by media that our personalities are directly formed by images from Madison Avenue.

Antonio Franco March 8, 1999

Antonio has written a very nice letter that I find uplifting. I think you will enjoy reading it.

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