Please scroll through this one frame by frame. A very interesting project for low budget. Laura Morris pulled off another miracle.

It was my second job with Jarret Leto. We had 180K for this one.....nothing more than a one day shoot, which actually turned out to be something epic. I wanted to revisit the technique I tried in Hoobastank, using multiple film looks of the same take. When Martin finally killed it on this one and we brought into Beau Leone.....Mine and Beau's jaw's dropped, when we went through the film. Martin had outdone himself. We stretched the film every way we could....and it only got better. Martin's footage was so good we wound up with 3 different film looks because we couldn't bring ourselves to leave it behind.

As far as I know no one has ever matched 3 film looks seamlessly together in a video before. The 3 looks were matched together in the final edit by Anthony Chernello. I've never seen such a more complicated cut.....Anthony created a masterpiece. What would probably be a collage cut became a flowing hallucination....

The visual gag on this video is that we were going to make a second print of the negative and scratch on the film with a needle. We ran out of money and went to a post option in After Effects.

We ended up doing 70 effects shots in 7 days. I had animators working in 24 hour shifts at one point. It reminded my of the surrealist experiment where one artist would pass a drawing off to the next artist to transform it. I went to the art schools....no famous artists on this one....just talented students lapping at the crazy job that fell on them. The room was filled with strange smoke, empty bottles of Cognac, and other things. In the end it was 120 hour week....and Jarret didn't like the cut.....I ended up getting sick from exhaustion.....

To this day I think this is one of my best videos. I would like to thank all the artists that collaborated with me on this one. Every shot in this one is perfect.....look for hidden messages in this one.....mughahahah!