When Deathmatch Gets Boring - By Ryan "nova" Wilson

I'm a big fan of Shogo, I love the damn game. But pure deathmatch can get boring. Here's a list of things I've put together so you and your friends can amuse yourselves when you're getting bored with ShogoDM.

  • Go surfing! Have one player going to vehicle mode, have another player jump on top, and tractor the vehicle so he doesnt fall off. And then drive around!
  • Squishie skiing! Load up the squishe mod (www.planetshogo.com/bloodbath/squishie) and have one player be a mecha, while the other is a squishe. Tractor onto the mech in vehicle mode and go for a ride!
  • Squishe train! Load up squishe again, only this time, have many squshies instead of just one. Have a squishe tractor onto the back of a mecha in vehicle mode, and then have the next squishe tractor onto that squishe, and so on and so on. See how many you can get!
  • Bullet art! Load up Shogo Paint (http://www.planetshogo.com/bs/shogopaint), or just go free hand. Make some beautiful creations! Make a masterpiece! Make a POTD :)
  • Mecha Towers! This is great in MCA_Entrance. Get a bunch of your friends, make the highest mecha tower you can! Make sure everyone is tractored together and then let the bottom one walk around. See what happens!
  • Melee! Hop on a server with your buds and only use the knife or mecha melee weapons. It's great fun, especially when someone sneaks a shotgun in ;)
  • Mecha racing! Join a server running an MCA level, switch to vehicle mode, and see who can make it to the other end of the map first! Great fun!
  • Play without Tractors. Not as ambitious as the other suggestions, but its a whole new game without the tractor. :)
  • Load up one of the many cool mods and play it. Shogo has some great ones. :D
  • Well that concludes my little report on how to make Shogo more fun, hope it helps at your next LAN party. :)

    If you have any other cool uses for Shogo tell me about em! nova@planetshogo.com

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