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Map of U.S.A.: Houston is marked with a red dot.
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Houston (start page)
Houston (start page)

Bank of America Center

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View from Memorial Parkway - 2005-4-16 (355709)
(c) Daniel Kieköwer
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Looking west from JPMorgan Chase Tower - 2002-9 (169387)
(c) Marshall Gerometta
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Looking northeast from Walker Street - 2004-3-9 (379451)
(c) Chris Patriarca
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Official name Bank of America Center
Alternative names *
Emporis Building Number 117715
Address *
Bordering street #1 Capitol Street*
Bordering street #2 Louisiana Street*
Bordering street #3 Rusk Street*
Bordering street #4 Smith Street*
Postcode *
Location Map *
Neighborhood Downtown
Borough Inner Loop East
City Houston
State Texas
Country U.S.A.
Technical Data
Height (tip) *
Height (struct.) 238 m 780 ft
Height (roof) *
Floors (OG) 56
Construction start *
Construction end 1983
Elevators *
Building in General
Type of construction high-rise building
Structural materials
Facade systems
Facade materials
Facade colors
Main usages
Architectural style *
Status completed

- Encased at the Louisiana-Capitol corner is a pre-existing 2-story building. This accounts for the extremely high level of the second floor of the Bank Of America Center.
- Gensler & Associates were responsible for the interior design of the bank's spaces.
- The structure enclosing the 2-story building is 120 feet tall.
- It took nine months to complete excavation of the site, which resulted in a maximum depth of 52 feet below grade.
- In 12 hours, 168 trucks managed to pour 11,000 cubic yards of concrete that make up the foundation.
- In 1987, this building won honors as Regional Building of the Year from the Building Owners and Managers Association, and recieved the Award of Distinction from the Associated Contractors of America.

Companies involved in this Building*
design architect: Johnson/Burgee Architects, Kendall/Heaton Associates Inc.

Other firms: Hines Interests LP, Hines Interests LP, Hines Interests LP, CBM Engineers, Gensler Associates, Hines Interests LP, Alan G. Davenport Wind Engineering Group BLWTL, Tractel Ltd. South Central, KPMG, Dewey Ballantine LLP, Bank of America.

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