March 7, 2007

ANN Part 8

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wrapping up the radio drama section.

5 pages.

O: (Fake) Oguri Shun, episode 6 ends there but…
J: I wonder how it sounded to the listeners.
O: I wonder too. You were really nervous there, weren’t you?
J: Yeah, I was. There were some awkward silence and awkward hyperness, weren’t there?
O: But consider it was on air, won’t you say it was pretty good?
J: Really? I supppose so.
O: YOu did unexpectedly well, like your lines between the TV quotes.
J: By the way, did you read the script beforehand?
O: Earlier, yes.
J: So you already thought about how you’re going to say certain lines and stuff?
O: NO, not really. I just read it with you right before we started. I wonder how we did.
J: I really want to know. I feel like asking someone.
O: BUt it was interesting, wasn’t it?
J: It was… weird.
O: So do you have any criticisms?
J: Criticisms? Not really. Just some parts where we misinterpreted the punctuations a little.
O: Yeah, that’s true.
J: Like we thought it was this way, but it actually wasn’t.
J (to audience): What did you think, listeing to us?
O: So please, send us emails if you have any comment. After this, after the commercials, we’ll have Jun-kun select the quotes fro the next episode.
J: Oh, I get to do that?
O: Yep.

– Commercial break –

O: Thank you for waiting. We’ll now pick the quotes for the next episode.
J: Next week?
O: Yep, next wek.
J: Three?
O: Yep, three. One at a time.
O (to audience): Jun-kun will choose them today, for a change. Let’s see what kind of luck he has and how he’ll affect where the story is going.
J: Can I read it aloud?
O: Go ahead. Let’s hope these bring some development in the plot.
J: This one’s by Mayuko-san, 15-year-old, from Osaka.

> Hey. How tall was Tokyo Tower again?
[ It’s 333m. Everyone Tokyonese should know this! I know even though I only lived there for two years. ]

O: I guess, since this story is about coming to Tokyo and the story takes plac ein Tokyo, this won’t be too bad. Saebusa-san is the one who’s writing the screenplay.
J: Saebusa-san, can I just say one thing? Let’s not make them all into drama quotes.
J: Next, Nogame-san from Ibaraki Pref.

> Fine. Just has to be in there, right?

O: It depends on how you interpret this line, doesn’t it?
J: Whether it’s a missing piece of something complete, and if that thing is found, or…
O: Or, you know how you say you go “into” a band? It could be about joining a band.
[ Sorry… the grammar don’t translate over as well. ]

J: Or being inside a recording studio.
O: Yeah.
J: Then… moving on…
O: Last one.
J: Last one.
J: Last one is by Torako-san from Hokkaido.

> Bring me scissors and cabbage!

O: You picked a nice one at last! I thought this radio drama would just move on without any excitement if if the third one was like the first two, but you picked a really good one!
J: What kind of situation do you need both scissors and cabbage?
O: And what’s more, how are you going to use that quote in this plot?
J: Indeed.
O: Like Jun-kun was saying earlier, Saebusa-san, please stop avoiding them in the main plot. He has tried American movies, prank calls, and dream sequences. So let’s start using them in the actual story next.
J: I just want ot hear the guy who says, “Bring me scissors and cabbage!”
O: Let’s see who’ll say it.

O: So thank you everyone for the quotes. Continuing on with the introduction–I mean the radio drama, we are always looking for more quote submissions. Please email them to oguri@allnightnippon.com, or send a postcard to Nippon Broadcasting’s Oguri Shun’s All Night Nippon show. Radio Drama: (Fake) Oguri Shun department. Thank you.

O: Now let’s listen to another song. Jun-kun, if you’ll introduce the song again.
J: Arashi’s… I’ll get it right this time.
O: Please do.
J: Wish!!

– Wish!!!! –

– Commercial –


  1. honey, u are…SUGOI!!! haha~ i am running out of words to thank you… >.

    Comment by Spica — March 7, 2007 @ 12:32 pm

  2. J: Saebusa-san, can I just say one thing? Let’s not make them all into drama quotes.

    hahaha! Jun-kun beat me to it. Quoting from the TV is lame! I think (Fake) Shun-kun needs a new writing staff …

    Thanks again Lily!

    Comment by J W — March 7, 2007 @ 12:39 pm

  3. So those are “plot bunnies” and the screenwriter has to add them in the show for next time? LOL! Sounds fun!

    But Jun isn’t a regular, right? He probably won’t be the one to read those lines!

    Thanks for the translation!

    Hmmm can we email Shun-kun too! ehhh! LOL!

    Comment by Katdiva — March 7, 2007 @ 12:43 pm

  4. I want to e-mail a quote too! LOL! I really like that scissors and cabbage phrase, it’s so random, the screenwriter has got to come up with something funny there. Anyway. Thank you lily for continuing the translation!

    Comment by princess_jime — March 7, 2007 @ 12:57 pm

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