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ADV Films Catalog Checklist

This checklist snapshot, taken on June 12th 2000, is not designed to list all titles ADV has in their library. This list was taken from their existing catalog of titles at the time listed here and will keep track of what catalog titles have been converted to DVD. A catalog title is something that has already been released in one format or another in the past and is up for a re-release in a new format. We will check off on series that are announced or have begun release (i.e. Blue Seed will be checked even though only one disc is out at this time). Many series/multi volume shows have been compiled into one listing; this does not indicate how it may or may not be released by ADV.

  1. 801 T.T.S. Airbats
  2. A.D. Police
  3. Abashiri Family
  4. Adventures of Kotetsu
  5. Arc the Lad
  6. Bite Me!-Chameleon
  7. Black Lion
  8. Blood Reign-Curse of the Yoma
  9. Blue Seed
  10. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
  11. Burn Up W
  12. Burn Up!
  13. Capricorn
  14. Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
  15. City Hunter-Million Dollar Conspiracy
  16. City Hunter-Secret Service
  17. City Hunter: .357 Magnum
  18. City Hunter: Bay City Wars
  19. City Hunter: The Motion Picture
  20. City Hunter Season 1
  21. City Hunter Season 2
  22. Compiler
  23. Compiler 2
  24. Cutey Honey
  25. Dark Warrior
  26. Debutante Detective Corps
  27. Delinquent in Drag
  28. Devil Hunter Yohko
  29. Dirty Pair Flash
  30. Dragon Half
  31. Dragon Knight
  32. Dragoon
  33. Ellcia
  34. Fire Emblem
  35. Galaxy Fraulein Yuna
  36. Gasaraki
  37. Generator Gawl
  38. Girl From Phantasia
  39. Golden Boy
  40. Gude Crest-The Emblem of Gude
  41. Gunsmith Cats -Bulletproof 
  42. Hanappe Bazooka
  43. Iczelion-Acts 1 & 2
  44. Kekko Kamen
  45. Kimera
  46. Legend of Crystania-A New Beginning
  47. Legend of Crystania-Cave of the Sealed
  48. Legend of Crystania-Resurrection of the Gods' King
  49. Legend of Crystania-The Motion Picture
  50. Lost Universe
  51. Luna Varga
  52. MAPS
  53. Martian Successor Nadeisco
  54. Master of Mosquiton
  55. - Released by Media Blasters
  56. Megami Paradise
  57. Metal Angel Marie
  58. Mighty Space Miners
  59. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
  60. Monster Rancher
  61. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  62. New Kimagrue Orange Road-Summer's Beginning
  63. Ninja Resurrection
  64. Original Dirty Pair
  65. Panzer Dragoon
  66. Plastic Little
  67. Power DoLLS 2
  68. Power Dolls-Detachment of Limited Line Service
  69. Princess Minerva
  70. Queen Emeraldas
  71. Rail of the Star-A True Story of Children & War
  72. Ruin Explorers
  73. Rurouni Kenshin
  74. Sailor Moon
  75. Sakura Diaries
  76. Sakura Wars
  77. Samurai Shodown-The Motion Picture
  78. Shuten Doji-The Star Hand Kid
  79. Sin: The Movie
  80. Slayers-The Book of Spells
  81. Slayers-The Motion Picture
  82. Sol Bianca
  83. Sonic Solder Borgman
  84. Sonic the Hedgehog-The Movie
  85. Sorcerer Hunters
  86. Suikoden-Demon Century
  87. Sukeban Deka
  88. Super Atragon
  89. Tattoon Master
  90. Tekken: The Motion Picture
  91. Those Who Hunt Elves
  92. Ushio & Tora
  93. Variable Geo

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