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Central Park Media Catalog Checklist

This checklist snapshot, taken on June 12th 2000, is not designed to list all titles Central Park Media has in their library. This list was taken from their existing catalog of titles at the time listed here and will keep track of what catalog titles have been converted to DVD. A catalog title is something that has already been released in one format or another in the past and is up for a re-release in a new format. We will check off on series that are announced or have begun release. Many series/multi volume shows have been compiled into one listing; this does not indicate how it may or may not be released by Central Park Media. This list does not include most of the Anime 18 label.

  1. Agent Aika
  2. Akai Hayate
  3. Angel Sanctuary
  4. Area 88 Act 1
  5. Area 88 Act 2
  6. Area 88 Act 3
  7. Ariel
  8. Armored Trooper VOTOMS
  9. Art of Fighting
  10. AyaneÂ’s High Kick
  11. Battle Arena Toshinden
  12. Battle Skipper: The Movie
  13. Big Wars
  14. Birdy the Mighty
  15. Black Jack
  16. Cyber City Oedo 808
  17. Cybernetics Guardian
  18. Darkside Blues
  19. Demon City Shinjuku
  20. Detonator Orgun
  21. Domain of Murder
  22. Dominion Tank Police
  23. Fencer of Minerva
  24. Gall Force 1: Eternal Story
  25. Gall Force: Other series
  26. Garaga
  27. GarzeyÂ’s Wing
  28. Genocyber
  29. Geobreeders
  30. GoShogun: The Time Etranger
  31. Gowcaizer, Voltage Fighter
  32. Grappler Baki
  33. Hades Project Zeorymer
  34. Harlock Saga
  35. Harmagedon
  36. The Heroic Legend of Arslan
  37. The Humanoid
  38. Hyper Speed GranDoll
  39. Iczer 3
  40. IRIA
  41. Judge
  42. Legend of Lemnear
  43. M.D. Geist DirectorÂ’s Cut/Death Force
  44. Midnight Panther
  45. My My Mai
  46. NightWalker
  47. Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight
  48. Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The New Files
  49. Patlabor: The Mobile Police - The TV Series
  50. Peacock King
  51. Photon
  52. Poltergeist Report 
  53. Project A-Ko
  54. Project A-ko: Uncivil Wars
  55. Project A-ko: Love & Robots
  56. Record of Lodoss War
  57. Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight DVD Collection
  58. RG Veda
  59. Roujin Z
  60. Shamanic Princess
  61. Silent Service
  62. Sins of the Sisters
  63. Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings
  64. Sprite: Between Two Worlds
  65. Strange Love
  66. Takegami - Guardian of Darkness
  67. They Were 11
  68. Tokyo Babylon 1
  69. U-Jin Brand
  70. Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
  71. Venus Wars
  72. Virgin Fleet
  73. Wild Cardz 
  74. A Wind Named Amnesia
  75. Wrath of the Ninja
  76. Zeguy

Lost Rights To:

  1. Here is Greenwood - Released by Media Blasters
  3. Crystal Triangle NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  4. Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  5. Explorer Woman Ray  NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  7. Rumik World: Fire Tripper NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  8. Rumik World: Maris the Chojo NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  9. Rumik World: Mermaid Forest NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  10. Rumik World: The Laughing Target NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO
  12. Ultimate Teacher NO LONGER HAVE THE RIGHTS TO

Software Sculptors Label:

  1. Slayers/Slayers Next/Slayers Try
  2. Dancougar
  3. Machine Robo
  4. Revolutionary Girl Utena
  5. Ping Pong Club
  6. Knights of Ramune

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