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Pioneer/Geneon Catalog Checklist

This checklist snapshot, taken on June 12th 2000, is not designed to list all titles Pioneer has in their library. This list was taken from their existing catalog of titles at the time listed here and will keep track of what catalog titles have been converted to DVD. A catalog title is something that has already been released in one format or another in the past and is up for a re-release in a new format. We will check off on series that are announced or have begun release. Many series/multi volume shows have been compiled into one listing; this does not indicate how it may or may not be released by Pioneer. Pioneer's list does not include any VIZ titles released through them.

  1. 3x3 Eyes
  2. Akira
  3. Armitage III
  4. Armitage III Polymatrix
  5. Bastard!!
  6. Battle Athletes
  7. Battle Athletes Victory
  8. The Legend of Black Heaven
  9. Catnapped!
  10. Cardcaptors
  11. Card Captor Sakura
  12. Dog of Flanders, The (dub only/cut)
  13. Dog of Flanders, The (sub/uncut)
  14. Dual
  15. El Hazard: OVA
  16. El Hazard: The Wanderers
  17. El Hazard: The Alternative World
  18. Fushigi Yûgi - The Mysterious Play
  19. Geo-Armor
  20. Green Legend Ran
  21. Hakkenden, The
  22. Hyper Doll
  23. Lain
  24. Magical Project S
  25. Moldiver
  26. Nanako
  27. Nazca
  28. Phantom Quest Corp.
  29. Pretty Sammy
  30. Sailor Moon S TV
  31. Sol Bianca
  32. Tenchi Muyo!
  33. Tenchi Muyo! Mihoshi Special
  34. Trigun

Not really anime, but part of their original catalog:

  1. Chisa Live in LA
  2. Crimson Blade

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