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Pampanga province is located in the Central Plain of Luzon hemmed at all sides by all provinces in the region. It is bounded on the south and southeast by Bulacan, on the north by Tarlac and Nueva Ecija, and on the northeast and westwise by Zambales.

The province is famous in their Christmas lanterns especially in celebrating the Giant Lantern Festival at San Fernando that gives brightness in Christmas season. 

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And when it comes to food, Kapampangan cuisine is also popular and one of the favorites of Filipino taste.  Pampanga have a booming nightlife center particularly in Angeles City. Best spots and recreation are also here, like Clark Special Economic Zone which is the site of world class resorts, casinos, duty free shopping and golf course.

Pampanga has many remnants of a long and colorful history, including roofs of the Old Spanish houses and church of Bacolor, the Betis Church at Guagua and the St. Peter Shrine at Apalit, with its life-sized image of the saint. The Death March Marker at San Fernando Railroad Station commemorates the heroics of the prisoners who took part in the infamous World War II Death March. Not only that, the province also has natural spots such as Mt. Arayat National Park and the Wild Duck Sanctuary at Candaba that really attracts tourists for their fascinating beauty.

The major industries of Pampanga province are farming and fishing. The fertile plains produce diverse crops from sugarcane to rice, corn rootcrops, vegetables and fruit trees. The streams, rivers and fishponds abound with bangus, carps, shrimps, crabs and other marine products. They also make furniture, handicraft and wood carving.

You can reach Pampanga through bus for about 1½ hours from Manila.


Region: 3
Capital: San Fernando
City: Angeles
Number of Towns: 21
1. Apalit
2. Arayat
3. Bacolor
4. Candaba
5. Florida Blanca
6. Guagua
7. Lubao
8.   Mabalacat
9.   Macabebe
10. Magalang
11. Masantol
12. Mexico
13. Minalin
14. Porac
15. San Fernando
16. San Luis
17. San Simon
18. Sta. Ana
19. Sta. Rita
20. Sto. Tomas
21. Sasmoan


APALIT PAROCHIAL CHURCH, Apalit Pampanga – Built in 1630, the church is famous for the paintings on the ceillings and dome.

BETIS CHURCH, Guagua – Built in 1754, the church has impressive paintings on its ceilings and walls.

ST. PETER’S CHURCH, Apalit – Houses a life-size ivory statue of the saint.


SPANISH HOUSES, Guagua, Candaba, San Fernando, Apalit – Century-old Spanish houses filled with relics and antiques.

DEATH MARCH MARKER, San Fernando – Set at the San Fernando Railway Station


1. Barasoain Church
2. Betis Church
3. Casa Real
4. Clark Special Economic Zone
5. Crucifixion
6. Death March Marker
7. Democracy Marker
8.  Fall of Bataan Marker
9.  Marcelo H. Del Pilar Shrine
10. Mount Arayat
11. Paskuhan Garden
12. Sibul Spring
13. Spanish Houses & Churches
14. Wild Duck Sanctuary



English Translation

Mayap ayabak
Mayap a gatpanapun pu.
Mayap a bengi pu.
O sige na/Mako naku
Komusta ka, abe?
Salamat pu
Alang nanu naman
Nanu ka lagiu?
Taga nokarin ka?
Noka makatuknang?
Saguli mu pu
Busni me ing pasbul
Mangan ta'na
Aintindian ku
Mamirapal ku
Maliari yu kung supan?
Pagkalungkutan ko
Dakal ku gagauan
Malagu ka/matsura ka
Kaluguran da ka
Kaluguran daka naman

Good Morning!
Good Afternoon, Sir!
Good Evening, Sir/Madam!
Good bye.
How are you, friend?
Thank you.
You are welcome.
What is your name?
Where are you from?
Where do you live?
A moment please.
Open the door.
Let's eat.
I understand.
I am in a hurry.
Can you help me?
I am sorry.
I am busy.
You are beautiful/ugly.
I love you.
I love you, too.
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