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Poor Little Rich Girls

Sundays on TV One at 9.30pm:

This programme is now off air.

Episode 4 Katie & Michelle

Heiress to a property fortune and glamour girl Katie Downes swaps with skint seaside toilet cleaner Michelle McManus.

Katie hates cleaning the public gents, and hates the smell of men's urinals! She also is aghast at how dreadful some people live their lives! She sticks it out though&just. The sight of men's willies gives her the willies and boredom soon gets to her. She does bond with Michelle's Mum though, learns that there are perks to working 9-5 and decides that there is more to life than making money.

Michelle at first is resentful to the rich life, and misses her home terribly. But a photo shoot makes her see the light and she decides to give up her life as a toilet cleaner and get a life! She will soon start training to become a social worker.