LOAN NAME         LOAN TYPE     DATE      STATE    AMT  

Baja 1000                      Purchase           Feb - 07          Mexico      $9.2 Mill

All Contracting             Acquisition         Jan - 07          New York   $2 Mill

Paramount LLC            Bridge Loan       Dec - 06         California   $900,000

Country Club LLC        Purchase            Nov - 06         Texas        $1 Mill

X Arena                         Acquisition        March - 07     New Jersey  $1 Mill

N. Fuller Develpmt       Bridge Loan       May - 06         Florida      $6 Mill

Northrop Grumman     Purchase Order   Apr - 06        New York   $1.2 Mill

Savvis Corp.                Purchase Order   Mar - 06        New York   $96,000 

Spiral Frog                Private Placement     April - 07      New York    $385,000

 Agape World Inc. has done over 40 loans within the past 8 years.  We are more than happy to not only provide background on these examples above but to also let our clients know how our other loans have provided the substantial service you deserve!

If you are interested in a bridge loan from Agape World Inc., please contact us by filling out the excel spreadsheet attached on the "Loans" page at the top. One of our staff members will gladly assist you in any services you need!