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Quick Facts






Art Deco


Center of the Universe

Boundaries: Inner Dispersal Loop

Land Area: Approximately 900 Acres or 1.4 Square Miles

Streets: 34 Miles - grid System, two-way and one-
way pairs

Blocks: 214 - most City Blocks are a standard of 300'
x 300'

Parcels: 1,400

Zoning: "CBD" (Mixed uses, few restrictions on height,
set-back or parking requirements)

Parking Spaces: 38,300

Office Space: 9.9 Million Square Feet

Daytime Population: 34,000

Class A Office Occupancy: 90%

Overall Office Occupancy: 81%

Value of Downtown Properties: $ 2.5 Billion

Residential: Some 1,500 Units

Major Development: Williams Center Mixed Use Development
First Place and BankOne Complex
Major Hotels (3)
Government: City, County, State and Federal
Offices and Courts; City/County Jail Facility
City/County Main Library
Convention Center
Performing Arts Center
Tulsa Regional Medical Center
Central YMCA
Tulsa Community College
Major Churches ( 7, representing 30,000 members )
Home Depot
Bartlet Square at Fifth and Main, pedestrian area and open space

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