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From the Associated Press


U.S. Helicopter Incidents in Iraq

Thursday April 5, 2007 6:01 PM

By The Associated Press

Incidents involving U.S. helicopters in Iraq in 2007:

- April 5: A helicopter carrying nine people went down south of Baghdad, wounding four. An Iraqi official said the chopper was a Black Hawk and militants in the area were using an anti-aircraft heavy machine gun.

- March 1: An OH-58 Kiowa made a hard landing near Kirkuk, wounding two pilots. An initial investigation blamed mechanical failure rather than hostile fire.

- Feb. 21: A Black Hawk went down north of Baghdad amid small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. All members aboard were safely evacuated.

- Feb. 7: A Marine CH-46 Sea Knight was shot down by insurgents in a Sunni-dominated area in Anbar province, killing all seven people on board.

- Feb. 2: An AH-64 Apache crashed in a hail of gunfire north of Baghdad, killing two crew members. The military said it was likely the aircraft had been shot down.

- Jan. 31: A civilian helicopter owned by the private security company Blackwater USA went down south of Baghdad. The military began an investigation after The New York Times reported that insurgents had brought it down with ground fire.

- Jan. 28: An AH-64 Apache went down during heavy fighting near Najaf, south of Baghdad, killing the two crew members.

- Jan. 23: An OH-6A observation helicopter owned by Blackwater USA crashed in Baghdad in heavy gunfire, killing four civilian contractors. A fifth contractor in a second helicopter died of gunshot wounds.

- Jan. 20: A Black Hawk crashed in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad, killing 12 soldiers aboard. The military said it might have been shot down by a shoulder-fired weapon, although their investigation was continuing.

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