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Yashica AF300

Year of Introduction: May, 1993


Type: 35mm Autofocus SLR camera

Lens Mount: Yashica dedicated AF (non-compatible with C/Y bayonet mount)

Shutter speeds 8-1/2000 sec. + B

Flash sync speed 1/100 max sync. speed,

Flash: Built in: GN 12, dedicated external flash CS-240 Auto, no TTL flash capability

Viewfinder: FOV: 90%, 0.75x magnification

Exposure Compensation: ±2ev, in 1/2EV steps

ISO Range: DX-coded 25-5000, ISO 100 default, no manual override

DOF Preview: No

Battery: 2CR5 Lithium

Size: (D×W×H) 68mm×148mm×94mm

Weight: 530g

Other Features: DA-5 data back

MSRP: ¥39,800 (body only)

The Yashica AF300 was the last of the Yashica autofocus line. This model also featured the modernized, more ergonomic shape of the AF270/230 Super. AF speed was improved over earlier models, but also had a viewfinder with a more restricted field of view. Like the 270AF, this camera had fewer features than its predecessor 230AF and the price was significantly reduced. It was reportedly discontinued in 1994.

The AF300 has three identified problem areas: the aperture stopdown solenoid can malfunction, the built-in flash can fail to fire or deploy, also the battery compartment door latch occasionally breaks.

I too was surprised by the fall-off in features as one progressed along the YAF line. I recently got hold of a 300AF and, whilst it looked sleeker than the 230AF, didn't feel as well built, and could not manually over-ride film speed as the 230AF can - only DX coding. -Alex

Quite a difference in metering, when switching from print film to slides. Needed a full -2 stop underexposure to get the same degree of saturation.

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