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  The Big Huge Engine features the latest technology from Big Huge Games, delivering an amazing gaming experience targeted to the highest-end PCs and next-generation consoles, yet easily and gracefully scaling to a broad range of mid and low end systems.  
  Used in the recently released RTS Rise of Legends and the forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Catan, our technology enables ideas from designer, artist and programmer alike to be realized onscreen with a minimum of time and effort.

Our extensive in-engine tool suite simplifies content addition and testing, debugging, localization, scripting and more.

  • Scalable shader pipeline supports Pixel Shader 3.0 and beyond
  • Visual shader development gives the artists full control
  • HLSL
  • Normal Mapping
  • HDR
  • Expandable post processing (contrast, depth of field, bloom etc)
  • Hardware shadow mapping
  • Multiple light sources, environment mapped soft lights, point, directional
  • Advanced particle effects with dynamic editor
  • Engine architecture provides in-game tools for a variety of graphical asset creation, asset manipulation and debugging tools within seconds of running your application
  • Data-driven framework allows design to iterate on game rules with little-to-no code changes required
  • Scalable runtime allows applications to scale from the highest end PCs to low-memory fixed-function graphics architectures with no art changes
  • PC configuration database allows for special case scalability based on per-system cpu, gpu, audio or system settings
  • Fully integrated with Ageia‚Äôs Novadex physics platform
  • Scalable support for single processor, multi-processor and PhysX PPU
  • Artist controlled physical object destruction
  • Unit ragdolling
  • Engine Pre-rendered and realtime cinematic support
  • Fully adjustable camera control, lighting, blocking, animation
  • World/Scenario Creation
  • Fast WYSIWYG terrain manipulation using advanced terrain brush features
  • In-engine scripting tool provides quick creation of events, triggers, quests, cutscenes
  • Second generation RTS AI and pathfinding routines optimized for memory, speed and efficiency
  • AI and Pathing fully extendable for custom applications
  • Skeletal animation system with support for multi-bone blending
  • Seamlessly blend between animations
  • Rag doll death support
  • Graphical animation tool allows artist to test animations in engine and view full object hierarchies
  • 3D positional audio with support for EAX effects
  • Quickly and easily attach sounds to any unit, event or notification in game
  • Graphical tool allows audio testing on individual objects without ever entering game
  • Interfaces with Gamespy* (PC), Xbox Live (Xbox360)
  • Full stat logging
  • User chat
  • Friend lists
  • Out-of-game notifications
  • In-engine tools allow for graphical WYSIWYG creation of particle systems, including advanced particle/emitter behaviors and paths
  • Artists can check, debug and manipulate many aspects of assets from simple in-engine tools
  • UI Editor allows new interfaces to be created and tested in real-time
  • UNICODE compliant engine fully supports localization with XML data swapping
  • On-the-fly language testing
  • Simulated UI overflow to test multiple language widths
  • C++ core and support libraries are easily extended
  • Simple, fast, lightweight strings are nearly transparent at runtime
  • Full support for XML data
  • Integrated LUA scripting engine
  • Vast array of visual debugging tools to analyze graphics, networking, object state and more
External Build Buddy tool automates versions and build control across multiple projects and branches.

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