Bikini-Clad News Babe: Sexy Pix "Purely Platonic"

The TV reporter who sent NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen revealing snaps of herself in a bikini -- and got an hilariously acidic e-mail response from Eisen's wife (who found them on their shared account) -- says the photos are, you know, just "harmless pictures" that "friends" trade.

Alycia Lane, an anchor at Philadelphia's CBS affiliate KYW-TV, just sent a statement to TMZ saying that she and Eisen have been "purely platonic" friends "for almost 10 years" and that they "regularly exchange e-mail and photos." Including, as Page Six reported, "seven e-mails and several bikini photos" from Lane, which went into the account shared by Eisen and Shuster. Oopsy!

Shuster, in a letter obtained by the Post, hissed back at Lane: "Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini ... congrats! Whatever you're doing, (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it -- it's working for you ... sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time." Ouch -- and Shuster then forwarded Eisen's personal email address, "since you surely are trying so hard to get attention."

KYW-TV tells TMZ it won't be taking any punitive action against Lane. Calls to Eisen and Shuster seeking comment were not immediately returned.

Reader Comments

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1. LOL - Don't you just hate getting busted by email?

Posted at 4:25PM on May 1st 2007 by LOL

2. bitch please.

Harmless trade my ass.

Posted at 4:30PM on May 1st 2007 by Simone




I have male friends for many many years and I KNOW their wives. I would nevah, evah, evah.....GIRL....WTF WERE YOU THINKING?

Bitch got caught...hehehehehe

Posted at 4:33PM on May 1st 2007 by hmfic

4. This chick did a series on KYW with Doctor Phil called "The Ghosts of Divorce" in which she cried and talked about her first marriage breaking up basically blaming her first husband. It was really un-professional and self-serving. Then she gets married again and is separated within a year. I find it hard to watch her glum demeanor and usually switch the channel when she comes on at 6 pm.

Posted at 4:36PM on May 1st 2007 by Else

5. Lmao what a whore. Of all the men in the world to send ur nasty little kini pics to and you choose a married man. She deserves to have that pretty little ass kicked. Sheesh, homewrecker. His wife ROQZ! If i were her, he'd be straddling couch for the next couple nights.

Posted at 4:46PM on May 1st 2007 by LilMsAntiParis

How does an ugly fug face like that guy get a blonde hottie like that for a wife? Maybe she was drunk when she said "I DO."

Posted at 4:48PM on May 1st 2007 by DENNIS

7. I'm not from the Philly area so....

Is the BLONDE the wife? And the pretty brunette the news anchor? If so...well Sure, that makes sense. That blonde looks like she'd be SOME BITCH! but my biggest question is......why do EITHER of these two women give a crap about that guy??? EWWW. HE's gross.

Posted at 4:52PM on May 1st 2007 by Angie

8. The guy is RICH.

that's why he has a hot blonde (ass kicking) wife, and a silly twice-divorce newslady horny for him.

Money+ugly guy = hot chicks

Posted at 4:53PM on May 1st 2007 by Simone

9. And you know....clearly, if the news woman had something to hide, she wouldn't be sending bikini shots of herself to him on a shared email. She's make SURE it wouldn't get back to the wife and they wouldn't just be bikini shots. Especially if they've known each other for 10 years.

Seems to me that the wife is w acko, if you ask me. Seems to me like she's trying to disparage the newswoman....and THAT is slander!!! I'd sue!

Posted at 4:53PM on May 1st 2007 by Angie

10. I know this woman from the local Philly news, she is on at 6 after Dr Phil. How weird! But yes, the brunette is the anchor,a nd the blonde is the wife. How weird it will be to see her on tv after this. People are crazy!

Posted at 4:58PM on May 1st 2007 by Agent D

11. Whatever. Here's the deal - she knows that he is married and she wants him! If I were the wife I'd give him a choice - either the HO has to go (emails and all) or I do! And if he doesn't understand that kind of message then maybe it's time for the wife to go online and find herself someone to "play with". What's good for the goose is surely good for the gander baby!

Posted at 5:00PM on May 1st 2007 by pat

12. Hold up! This BE AAACH is out of her mind. Please don't send anybody else's husband bikini shots. This has to be spelled out to a grown woman? He's been tappin' that ass for 10 years. Film at eleven.

Posted at 5:02PM on May 1st 2007 by Don't Get It Twisted

13. TMZ....please get the pix of the MILF so we can see if the marriage is worth breaking up over!

Posted at 5:08PM on May 1st 2007 by Buster Cherry

14. You know he is porking her......plutonic my arse....

Posted at 5:08PM on May 1st 2007 by Buster Cherry

15. Woo!!

Philly represent!

I will say, as a local to philly, alicia lane is our hottest anchor. i just can't beleive she can't find someone without email.....

Posted at 5:11PM on May 1st 2007 by Sarakbettie

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