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Volume 10 - Product Info

Item #:TPBK-82989

May contain some profanity, violence, states of undress and suggestive themes. Genre:
- Comedy
- Romance

Kyo's secret has been revealed to the entire basketball team, and now she has made a deal to defeat the whole team single-handedly or leave forever. She has made it past every member of the team except the captain, Hisashi Imai. Now she'll have to pull out all her tricks and play some real basketball.


By: Kelly Sue DeConnick
A father enrolls his daughter in a prestigious prep school ... as a boy! Kyo Aizawa finds herself masquerading as a boy at Seisyu Academy - which is famous for its boys' basketball program - so she can fulfill her father's dream of becoming an NBA basketball star.

Girl Got Game - published originally in Japan as Power!! - is a comedy/action manga, full of misunderstandings and gender-bending crossdressing!

Creator Profile

Shizuru Seino
Shizuru Seino started creating manga while in high school. Her father was supportive of her interest and she eventually published Suki Suki Daisuki, Suki Suki [heart] Darling, and Usotsuki na Kanoko as well as Power!!. Shizuru-san has received fan praise for the way she drew the cross-dressing Kyo character convincingly as a girl and a girl masquerading as a boy.

Character Info

Kyo Aizawa
A girl whose father secretly enrolls her as a boy at Seisyu Academy (which is famous for its boys' basketball program) so she can fulfill his own dream of becoming an NBA basketball star.

Kyo's teammate on the court and roommate in the dorms. They got off to a bad start and Kyo learned to hate him at tryouts.

Hana Misaki
A middle-school ugly-duckling who goes to great pains to make herself beautiful and become the most popular girl in high school.

A girl whose boyfriend is both male - high school student, Itsuki Onda - and female - a famous model named Serika! Everyone is jealous of her, but she wonders why she's stuck with such a perv as a boyfriend.

Itsuki Onda
A male high school student who is also a famous female model named Serika. Itsuki is going out with Nanami.

Tsuyaka Himejima
A girl who transferred to Kyo's new high school so that she could finally play basketball with Kyo again. Has a plan to get Kyo onto the girls' basketball team regardless of Kyo's masquerade.

Kazushi Harukawa and Natsuki Yonemura
Longtime friends, but all they ever do is fight. Natsuki is in love with Kazushi and frustrated that he can't see her true feelings.

Kensuke Yura
A former member of the boys' basketball team with a reputation for refusing to be a team player.

Hisashi Imai
Captain of the boys' basketball team.