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Between 1992 and 2003 the Crewe and Alsager campuses of MMU had been referred to as the Crewe+Alsager Faculty amongst the other 6 faculties located within the campuses at Manchester. Spanning the size of a small UK university; the Crewe+Alsager Faculty in 2003 could well be seen by the outsider as Cheshire's University. With multi-million pound investment planned for the Crewe+Alsager Faculty at this time it made a good opportunity for a name change along with new branding for it.

On August 1st 2003 the Crewe+Alsager Faculty received a new name and a new look with the branding of MMU Cheshire for the Crewe and Alsager campuses. By this stage already the Alsager campus had seen major investment with a new swimming pool and sports centre. For Crewe plans had progressed well for new student accommodation which was completed in 2005.

Dean of MMU Cheshire Dennis Dunn said: "With 500 staff and nearly 6,000 students we have a huge presence in Cheshire. We are delighted to be here and it is only right and proper that our name reflects that fact from this point on and into a brighter future for Crewe and Cheshire".


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