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So really, what the hell is FELT?

FELT is a musical collaboration with the long-term goal of having sex with b-level Hollywood actresses. This record is not for the love of Hip Hop. The album is not to prove whose city has a better-implemented smoking ban. It's solely a vehicle for rappers to have celebrity sex.

How'd this dumb-ass idea happen?

On tour back in 2001, Murs and Slug were in a van driving from Eugene, OR to San Francisco, CA. Near Weed, CA on highway 5 South, there was a heated discussion over which rapper had the better chance of sleeping with Christina Ricci. Blueprint didn't care, so he stayed out of the debate. Dibbs thought she was too skinny and liked her better when she weighed more. Brother Ali just thought her head was too big.

The argument lasted seventeen miles and continued while the van pulled off the road for gas and snacks. In the Shell station's restroom, while in two separate stalls, Murs and Slug decided to make a record dedicated to Christina Ricci (with the hope of either Murs or Slug succeeding in having sex with her). Built on friendly competition, it was also an experiment to see if a rap record would be able to help breathe new life into her career. Pumpkin was alright, but it's no Pecker, nor is it equal to her role as Lucy in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, and that was 1998.

Wait, who are Slug and Murs?

Slug is from Minneapolis, MN. Rhymesayers crew. Frequently bootlegged on Ebay. The rapper in Atmosphere. First album, Overcast. Last album, Seven's Travels. New album, You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (due in Oct 05). Google search lists over 10,300 (not including Emo-Rap search). Member of He looks like a mix between Billy Bob Thornton and Marc Anthony.

"My name's Slug, give me a pound or a hug."- Slug

Murs is from Los Angeles, CA. A member of Living Legends. Mike Tyson tattoo. Skateboarder that has a tough time doing a kick-flip. First album, F'Real. Last album, 3:16. New album "Murray's Revenge" (due out Nov 05) Also, a member of Has recorded and toured with Humpty Hump. Vegetarian. Jon Cena was in Murs' last video. Murs is your best friend. Murs rules the world.

"I love you like a rap kid loves breaks."- Murs

Was this just some drunk tour talk or did they really make a record?

In 2002, Slug of Atmosphere and Murs of Living Legends met up in Los Angeles, CA to make good on the FELT idea with production by The Grouch (Living Legends, CMA and G&E). The album, recorded in a week and one day, was titled "FELT: A Tribute To Christina Ricci." It has sold over 50,000 copies and made Dan Monick's Volkswagen famous worldwide.

No shit. Did they get to sleep with Christina Ricci?

Two years pass. Several world tours. Guest hosts on Love Line in Los Angeles. Television appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel show with Super Dave. High profile European festivals. Sold out shows nationwide including Hollywood and New York. Independent film festivals and screenings. Interviews on MTV, Fuse and MUCH. Videos with professional wrestlers. Van's Warped Tour two years in a row. Covers of magazines. And neither rapper even met Christina Ricci.

Damn, that kinda sucks. Will there ever be another FELT record?

With Christina Ricci's career rejuvenated, the two rappers reunited in fall 2004 in Minneapolis with producer ANT (Atmosphere, Brother Ali, I Self Devine) to save yet another b-level actress- Lisa Bonet. The choice was obvious.

Holy shit man, when does it come out?

FELT 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet comes out July 12, 2005 on Rhymesayers.

Does it suck? I heard Seven's Travels wasn't as good as Lucy Ford and H-U-S-T-L-E just didn't flow like Track #6 on Murs Rules The World?

The first record was made in Los Angeles, but sounds more Minneapolis. This album was made in Minneapolis, but sounds more LA. It's so good, they even made a comic book based on the album visually interpreting the songs by that guy Jim Mahfood who did the Clerks comic. The first single, Dirty Girl, has a b-side called Early Mornin' Tony. That song sounds like some old school Ice T meets Schooly D shit. I know cause I downloaded the whole album off the net.

The other day at the Triple Rock, I ran into Slug, but I call him Sean cause I know him and all. I said,

'Yo Sean, I heard on a message board you made another FELT record with Murs.'

I wanted to see what he would say about FELT, so I acted like I didn't know anything about it. I said,

'what's FELT man? Is it a good record?'

Slug took a shot of Jameson, a drag of a cigarette and then looked up at my girl and said,

"FELT is all about the feeling, like having sex on a pool table. You ever fu*k on a pool table?"

He then looked over at me and said,

"If you hate Atmosphere, you'll love this record."

This entire bio was taken from an Ichat conversation.

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