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    Commentary by Jennifer R. Sexton , 2005/10/24 at 5:12 am

    a transfusion of “blue coat” rather than “glucose”

    an artery into which a “stench” rather than a “stent” has been placed

    He was driving a “snag-war” (rather than a “Jaguar”).

    After teaching three years, she received her “ten-year”
    (rather than her tenure).

    “sick as hell” anemia —rather than “sickle cell” anemia

    She took shots of “insolent” (rather than of “insulin”).

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    Commentary by Adrian Bailey , 2005/09/23 at 11:40 am

    Follow-up to Judy Deegan’s comment. There are quite a few examples of “sue chef”. I like this one: “I was born in the Kitchen at the Savoy Hotel, my mother was head sue Chef at the time.”…

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    Commentary by Lee Rudolph , 2005/09/07 at 10:39 am

    “Must less” for “much less”.

    I noticed this for the first time in a Usenet posting to sci.math.research.

    “unfortunately developments have spread into areas
    increasingly isolated by artificial barriers of
    terminology and notation which make it difficult for
    researchers (must less students) to grasp the big
    (Message-ID: )

    A Google search quickly turned up many other instances.

    stick with chips and cocktails, they’re not living
    things, must less likely to lip off.

    With any luck this cretin won’t survive 15 days in
    prison, must less 15 years.

    A little planet with a population in the billions is not
    going to fill up the Solar System nor Galaxy, must less
    the vacant area of the Universe.

    Of course these could all be mere typographical errors. Evidence against that is, I think, that the Google corpus has (as of this moment) no instances at all of “so must the worse”, and only two relevant ones (and two irrelevant ones) of “so must the better”.

    I don’t have a fully formulated hypothesis on the semantics. My guess is that (1) the canonical use of “much less” is as a rhetorical device to bolster the speaker’s claim that X is necessarily true by asserting that a particularly exaggerated version of NOT-X is manifestly false, and (2) the “necessity” leaks out of the argument and into “much”, transforming it to the modal of necessity, “must”

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    Commentary by Loretta Woodward , 2005/08/09 at 7:27 am

    “crossed the veil” (as in “kicked the bucket” vs. “crossed the vale”

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    Commentary by Loretta Woodward , 2005/08/09 at 7:09 am

    “above the fruited plane” for “above the fruited plain”

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    Commentary by Loretta Woodward , 2005/08/09 at 7:01 am

    “nightly mediation” for “nightly meditation”

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    Commentary by Peg Boyles , 2005/07/09 at 11:58 pm

    Among the many eggcorns planted (or is it laid?) in student essays, I love the “pullet surprise” best [as in “In 1957, Eugene O’Neill won a Pullet Surprise.”]

    You can find this one and a lot more good eggcorns in Richard Lederer’s many books.

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    Commentary by Judy Deegan , 2005/07/05 at 5:22 pm

    I’ve seen “sue chef” used for “sous chef” a couple of times–once on a menu where the chef was listed as having been sue chef at another, more famous, restaurant.

    Another word I hear more often than see is “supposably” for “supposedly”.

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