860-880 Lake Shore Drive

Click for Larger View     Address: 860-880 Lake Shore Dr.
Year Built: 1949-1951
Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark:
June 10, 1996

Apartment Interior Deceptively simple in appearance, these twin apartment towers set the standard by which all subsequent glass-and-steel highrises are judged. Few, if any, have come even close to these buildings' perfection in form, proportions, and detailing. No other design by this world-famous architect had so immediate or so strong an impact. They are featured in every book on modern architecture, and they are among the best known of the city's post-World War II architecture.

Construction View     Ground-level Detail

Mies van der Rohe
The Modern Era
1.Exterior View, circa 1951, photo by Richard Nickel
2.Apartment Interior, photo by Hedrich-Blessing
3.Construction Photo, photo by Hedrich-Blessing
4.Ground-level detail, photo by Hedrich-Blessing