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As I said the 2004 look great! Big, yes but flavor in buckets! I can hardly wait for them but luckily we have some pretty good wines to drink in the meantime, the 2003s. All these are young wines with loads of promise.

There are a few things I'd like to remind you of concerning the way and care we,(Drake and I), put into the wines. All of the reds and most of the whites are never fined, filtered or pumped and the smallest amount possible of sulfur is used. No other chemicals, other than natural yeast and, if necessary, natural acids are used. This requires a much larger effort than most other wineries are willing to do. We don't even use electricity unless absolutely required. This is to bring you the purest rendition of the fruit possible. Whitcraft wines are living things and go through different stages of life at different times. Decanting is recommended on wines older than five years.


2002 French Camp Lagrein

This is the last year of any quantity as try as I might I can't get the grapes the way I want them. It takes far too much work to make this orphan grape and that's a shame. As always this is one is big, black and incredibly fruity. Huge black cherry nose, biggest fruit bomb yet! It has a softer mouth feel than the '01 so it's very approachable at this early state. Not a weak wine but balanced with a long finish.

2003 French Camp Lagrien

This is the second to last vintage for me. I’m not happy about that but it has been to hard to get the grapes the way I want them and it’s an orphan grape and I don’t have the time or money to try to promote it almost by myself. Once again the same tune, black in color, huge nose of oak, (2+ years) with black fruit nose, plums, pumpkins and spices including cinnamon. Drake says it’s a savory wine… but he’s a kid! I agree with him, it’s the most drinkable Lagrien at release yet. A mere 40 cases this year and even less next year. I’m sorry but 9 vintages are enough for me… for now.

2004 Lagrein

I’m sorry that this is the last year but it’s not an easy sell because most have never tasted the intense black cherry fruit this delivers. There is very little of it and it’s like all the others. Nine years of doing it but no more. Sniff, maybe I’ll find something else…hint-hint.

2004 Bien Nacido Pinot Noir “N” Block - SOLD OUT

This is the first time I can recall an “N” block being lighter that the “Q”! (But barely.) It’s just lighter in color than the “Q” but with a huge fruity nose of raspberries and strawberries. It seems to have less oak than previous years and I like that. I think it’s because of the density of the fruit flavors rather than any change in production methods. While it’s softer that the “Q” it’s got enough to last a decade at least. A very nice wine. 180 cases.

2005 Bien Nacido Pinot Noir

This is the wine that should have been the Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir but it’s all Bien Nacido fruit so we’ve gone back to the old label. Wonderful berry fruit in the nose and mouth, sweet and lush on the tongue with a nice long finish, this wine is not to be missed. It is good now; we sampled people with it in the tasting room yesterday, and will be great for a long time.

2005 Aubaine Pinot Noir

Our second vintage of this beautiful vineyard is very dark and tastes like blackberry jam! (And just about as thick!) It rolls around the mouth like jello it’s so rich. It’s also good now but will get better and better with time if you can stay away from it.

2005 Morning Dew Ranch

Burt and Jan Williams vineyard is the jewel in the winery. It stands out because the fruit is so different than what we get from down here. High spices, clove and cinnamon abound with raspberries all around. Lower in alcohol than the other wines but with a fullness that only great vineyards have.

2005 ‘Q’ block

Drake says it reminds him of the 2001, movie wine, and that’s high praise and I agree with him. Light red color compared to all the other ‘05s with a great burgundian nose with sweet fruit flavors and finish.

2005 ‘N’ block

Always one of my favorites, big and spicy. Huge nose and color with all the berries and cherries you’ve come to expect from the Martini clone planted at Bien Nacido Vineyards. Wonderful finish too.

2005 Melville Vineyard

I’m so glad I get these grapes! (Seven years) Santa Rita Hills is a great place to grow pinot and this year is great! It’s like the ’04 but even more elegant as each year seems to surpass the last. Opulent and very burgundian in the nose, mouth and anywhere else you care to put it! I’m very proud of these pinots and Drake has much to do with it.


Large Formats

1991 Bien Nacido Pinot - 3lt.

1991 Olivet Lane RR Pinot - 3lt.

1992 Olivet Lane RR Pinot - 3lt.

1992 Bien Nacido Pinot - 3lt.

1993 Bien Nacido Pinot - 5lt.
1993 Bien Nacido Pinot, Q Block - 5lt.
1993 Bien Nacido Pinot, N Block - 5lt.

1994 Bien Nacido Pinot - 3lt.
1994 Bien Nacido Pinot, Q Block - 3lt.
1994 Bien Nacido Pinot, N Block - 3lt.

1994 Hirsch Vineyard Pinot - 3lt.

1995 Bien Nacido Pinot - 3lt.
1995 Bien Nacido Pinot, Q Block - 3lt.
1995 Bien Nacido Pinot, N Block - 3lt.

1995 Hirsch Vineyard Pinot - 3lt.

1996 Bien Nacido Pinot - 3lt.
1996 Bien Nacido Pinot, Q Block - 3lt.
1996 Bien Nacido Pinot, N Block - 3lt.

1996 Hirsch Vineyard Pinot - 3lt.

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An Important Thank You

There are many people who have helped me but I want to single out two who have been there for me all along. Randy Greenfield has worked with and around me for 30 some years and is always ready to do whatever it takes to get the best wines out to you. Jonathan, my brother, has been my biggest supporter in all ways. Thank god for Whitcraft Capital, his business, and his love of my wine. And thank you all.

You will not find a better wine, or wines, at these prices. Thanks.

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