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...or how women get screwed in video games (pun intended).

Ever since Rockstar tried screwed over the ESRB by adding unlockable content to their game, the Video Game world has been buzzing with talk about sex and video games. Talk has centered around what sex already exists, what kind of sex there is, how games with sex in them should be rated, and how we should classify the kind of sex in the game so that it can be rated. Very little talk, however, has centered around the sexist nature of sex in the video game world.

Video games, by and large, assume that whether you’re playing a female character or not, you’re going to want to have sex with a female character, or at least be sexually attracted to a female character (or monster).

Case in point, and the one that’s most recently pissed me off has to do with two ‘pet’ creatures. One in EverQuest II and one in World of Warcraft. After level twenty in World of Warcraft, a Warlock gets a pet ‘Succubus’. She’s busty, barely dressed, and she possesses the ability to stun her targets by mesmerizing them with her sexiness. As if that weren’t bad enough, her idle animation is slapping her ass and making a squeaking sound.

In EverQuest II, the Succubus is a special, high level Necromancer pet named the ’ Grim Temptress’. She looks even more human-like than the one in World of Warcraft, and she’s dressed like a prostitute might, including super-duper micro-mini and push-up bra.

The Succubus disturbed me a great deal. The Grim Temptress just made me stop and stare in wide-eyed horror. To me, this is very close to having a black man following you around everywhere. These ‘pets’ are slaves, and they’re made to look very close to human females or human sex slaves.

Now, here’s the rub. I wouldn’t be so disturbed if the reverse were true… if there were Grim Tempters and Incubus to balance out the Temptress and Succubus. But there aren’t, and these aren’t the only two games to blatantly disregard the notion that female characters (and players) might want a different experience.

In some games, you don’t even get the option to play a female character. In others, you’re given the option, but when given the chance to have sex with some other character, the character is female.

The reason? The bulk of game-playing America are homophobic, socially challenged men with very vivid fantasies about playing females who get to have sex with other females. Even when female characters are added to the game, they aren’t added with equal importance, nor are they added with the thought that maybe, just maybe, a woman might be playing that female character.

The video game industry as of late has been talking a lot about making video games more “mainstream”. Until games stop catering to pubescent fantasies of hot girl-on-girl action, that just isn’t going to happen.

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  1. I’m an avid gamer (and a woman) and never play the female characters. Why?

    They don’t have cool costumes (mostly they have no costumes just tits)

    They have crap weapons like magic and sexiness rather than lethal meat cleavers.

    They whimper and squeak so much it makes me want to kill myself. Gaming suicide!

    I don’t want to have sex with anyone when I play games.Too much of that in real life.

    I want to win. I want to kill. How can I do that if I keep “slapping my ass and squeaking”

    Who wants to stun an enemy with sexiness when you can chop his bollocks off and leave him in a pile of screaming bloodiness? Not me.
    deviousdiva    Nov 17, 11:13 AM    #
  2. The title of your post automatically made me think about the Outlaw series of games. My favorite girl on girl action has to be in Outlaw Golf with Summer and Autumn (no cliches there) the lesbian pole dancers who are constantly feeling each up and spanking one another while reading Lap Dancer magazine (no, really) and what I find most interesting about the story surrounding these two (yep, there is a story) is that their lesbianism is justified/made acceptable by the fact that Summer had sex with the captain of the football team…on the 50 yard line…during the game! Damn! No wonder my lesbianism was never justified!
    dr. b.    Nov 17, 02:39 PM    #
  3. You call the Succubi “squeaking” when they hit their asses? It sounded a lot like “moaning sexually” to me. I’m all for BDSM, but I wholeheartedly agree that the WoW Succubi (and the Everquest “Grim Temptresses” O.O) reek of sex slavery and plain old sexism.

    Devious – Though good, well-rounded (no pun intended), not hyper-sexualized female characters may be few and far between since the advent of 3D, I myself am particularly fond of games like Beyond Good and Evil, Eternal Darkness, and Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition. No girl-on-girl action that I could find, all of the characters wield real and powerful weapons, and for the most part they’re well clothed in ways that don’t display their breasts (although 1. the character in Heretic has a couple flimsy starting outfits – but those aren’t the only choices and they go away once you get armor; and 2. all the characters are what I consider “lithe” or “skinny”).
    tekanji    Nov 18, 10:12 AM    #
  4. It’s not really a moan, though. Moans are deeper. This is a high-pitched, annoying… well, ‘squeak’ is the only way I could really put words to what it is.
    Astarte    Nov 18, 10:39 AM    #
  5. hello
    tierney    Dec 10, 08:24 PM    #
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