Peter Lagala holds Anastasia

Rare surgery stops the giggles - thankfully

When she was having her seizures -- sometimes more than 30 in a day -- Anastasia Lagala's face locked into a smiling grimace as her limbs flailed, and an eerie laugh came from her throat.

Film claims 'we got AIDS all wrong'

Documentary filmmaker Gary Null started following the lives of young, gay men in the 1970s and watched while many who frequented the gay bars -- with sex and drugs as their mantra -- ended up dying a mysterious death that today we know as AIDS.

  • Human Food Eyed in Pet Food Recall Probe 

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7th rabid raccoon found in county

The seventh raccoon with rabies in Suffolk County this year has been confirmed, making a total of 12 rabid raccoons discovered since March 2006, the county’s Health Department said yesterday.

Deep-space dilemmas

How do you get rid of the body of a dead astronaut on a three-year mission to Mars and back?

Looking at an annual boost for brittle bones

A new, once-a-year drug shows strong promise for the treatment of osteoporosis, the debilitating condition that leads to bone fractures mostly in older women, although researchers also report that the medication may increase the likelihood of miscued heart beats in a small percentage of patients taking the medication.

Hospital heart-care gain seen

In just six years, death rates and heart failure in hospitalized heart attack patients have fallen sharply, most likely because of better treatment, the largest international study of its kind suggests.


Residents are a bit overweight, study says

More than half of Nassau County residents are carrying around too much weight, and they don't exercise enough.

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