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E-Mail | Introduction | Archives | Message Board November 08, 2001
Issue #417 of 1113
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Title: Krazy Comics
Issue: Vol. 1, No. 9
Date: July, 1943
Publisher: Jest Publishing Co., Inc. (Timely Comics)
Cover Artist(s): Al Fago

Funny-animals comic books have often mirrored elements of the “real” world (such as in art rpiegleman’s modern classic MAUS) but it’s not all that often that you find depictions of World War II Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in a kids’ funnybook!

The lead story that’s very loosely based on the cover of this issue of KRAZY COMICS (published by Timely, a company that would one day become Marvel Comics) stars “Silly Seal And Ziggy Pig” in “Spy Catchers”. Drawn by cartoonist Al Fago (who was the brother of the title’s Editorial and Art Director Vince Fago.), this 9-page story starts with a conversation between Ziggy and Silly:

I’ve been thinking, Silly – we ought to spend more time doing something patriotic!

Yeth! We could make a tank or – or build a tattle ship! That would take LOTH of time!

Silly, if you were twice as clever, you’d be a half-wit!

Aw, gee, Thiggy, I think you’re thmart, too!

When they see a poster offering a $5,000 reward for the capture of “Der Furrious’” spy ring (“Be cautious, they’re killers”) Ziggy and Silly choose their course of action. Soon, they encounter a German-accented trio of swastika-wearing critters (I think they’re dogs, but it’s kinda hard to tell) digging a mass grave that they refer to as a “bomb shelter”. Believing the spies’ explanation that they’re helping out “der general uff our great American army”, our heroes decide to pitch in. The sneaky Nazi spymaster tells them to bring the General’s personal things to the bomb shelter, but reveals his secret scheme to his underlings:

Dot vill keep der fools busy while we steal der military plans from der General’s safe! Den ve DO AVAY mit all three und hide dem in der garden-hole!

While Ziggy and Silly sneak into the General’s house and move his furniture to the “bomb shelter”, the three spies try to locate the secret military plans. But when our clueless duo starts moving the General’s desk – where the military secrets are doubtlessly kept -- the Nazi spymaster assumes that Ziggy and Silly aren’t what they seem:

From his face, I vould say dis is a Japanese pig! It vould be unthinkable dot he should succeed vere ve, der Fuerious spy ring haff failed!

(As you can see, Vince Fago and his writers had a tough time keeping the “Fuhrer” parody-name consistent!) Due to a misunderstanding, the Nazi spymaster pays Ziggy and Silly each $5,000 to “leave the job in his hands.” Trying to fully earn his “reward” money, the lisping seal runs off with the General’s desk to take it to the mass grave/”bomb shelter”, with Ziggy and the team of angry Nazis in hot pursuit! By this time, it’s become night and is too dark to see clearly. This causes the three Nazi spies to blunder into the deep pit, where they’re trapped. In the final panel (which is captioned “SILLY IS PROCLAIMED A HERO!”), while Ziggy swoons, the nightgown-wearing General presents Silly Seal with a $5,000 reward for single-handedly capturing “a dangerous Nazi spy ring”!

Other features in this issue of KRAZY COMICS include “Toughy Tom Cat And Chester Chip0munk”, (also draw by Al Fago), “Skinny Bones”(the wacky li’l “ace of the Unintelligence Service” who invents a youth formula that invigorates a bearded “Goofy” lookalike), “The Creeper And Homer” (check out the story’s inventive splash panel), “Inky And The Pied Piper Inside A Magic Hill” (featuring some of the most psychedelic artwork ever published outside of underground comix), “Super Baby The Prince Of Wails”, “Posty Penguin And Lolly” and a half-page “Krazy Fun Corner”. This comic also features a back-cover ad for “Baby Ruth” that seems to infer that the “energy”-filled candy bars can somehow help Americans win World War II!

ODDBALL Factoid – It should be noted that “Pvt. Stan Lee” is credited as the “Consulting Editor” of this issue of KRAZY COMICS!

But that’s not all! Here are a few more Oddball factoids for your information and edification!

  • This comic’s “Animation Director” (otherwise known as “writer”) Kin Platt also created Standard Comics’ funny animal superhero character SUPER MOUSE THE BIG CHEESE!

  • Many of Timely Comics’ “Ziggy Pig And Silly Seal” stories were packaged, written and drawn by MAD magazine’s Al Jaffee!

  • “Ziggy Pig” and “Silly Seal” (along with Elzie Segar’s “Popeye The Sailor”) are favorite cartoon characters of noted comic book inker Terry Austin!

For more from Scott Shaw!, visit his Web site at http://www.shawcartoons.com/.

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Scott Shaw!
Staff Writer, CBR

comicbookresources.com | 11.08.01

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