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Previous Lammy Award Winners

2004 | 2005



Fresh Men: New Voices in Gay Fiction edited by Donald Weise (Carroll & Graf)

  • Best Lesbian Love Stories 2004 edited by Angela Brown (Alyson)
  • Pills, Thrills, Chills, and Heartache: Adventures in the First Person edited by Clint Catalyst and Michelle Tea (Alyson)
  • Serendipity: The Gay Times Book of New Stories edited by Peter Burton (GMP/Millivres)
  • The Milk of Human Kindness edited by Lori L. Lake (Regal Crest)


I Do/I Don’t: Queers on Marriage edited by Greg Wharton and Ian Philips (Suspect Thoughts)

  • Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative edited by Mary Burger, Robert Gluck, Camille Roy, and Gail Scott (Coach House)
  • Mentsh: On Being Jewish and Queer edited by Angela Brown (Alyson)
  • That’s Revolting!: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation edited by Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore (Soft Skull)
  • Wonderlands edited by Raphael Kadushin (University of Wisconsin)


Name All the Animals by Alison Smith (Scribner)

  • Blue Days, Black Nights by Ron Nyswaner (Advocate)
  • Long Life by Mary Oliver (Da Capo)
  • Rent Girl by Michelle Tea (Last Gasp)
  • The Tomcat Chronicles by Jack Nichols (Harrington Park)


Warrior Poet: A Biography of Audre Lorde by Alexis De Veaux (W.W. Norton)

  • Alice Walker: A Life by Evelyn C. White (W.W. Norton)
  • Both: A Portrait in Two Parts by Douglas Crase (Pantheon)
  • Jerome Robbins by Deborah Jowitt (Simon & Schuster)
  • Laud Humphreys: Prophet of Homosexuality and Sociology by John F. Galliher, Wayne H. Brekhus, and David P. Keys (University of Wisconsin)

Children’s/Young Adult

So Hard to Say by Alex Sanchez (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)

  • Luna by Julie Anne Peters (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
  • Orphea Proud by Sharon Dennis Wyeth (Delacorte)
  • Rosemary and Juliet by Judy MacLean (Alice Street Editions)
  • The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan (Knopf Books for Young Readers)


I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright (Faber and Faber)

  • Fabulous! by Donald Reuter (Broadway)
  • How to Make Dances in an Epidemic by David Gere (University of Wisconsin)
  • love conjure/blues by Sharon Bridgeforth (RedBone)
  • The Queer Encyclopedia of Music, Dance and Musical Theater edited by Claude J. Summers (Cleis)


Best Gay Erotica 2005 edited by Richard Labonte (Cleis)

  • All the Wrong Places by Karin Kallmaker (Bella)
  • Best Lesbian Erotica 2005 edited by Tristan Taormino (Cleis)
  • Once Upon a Dyke by Karin Kallmaker, Therese Syzmanski, Julia Watts, and Barbara Johnson (Bella)
  • Up All Night: Adventures in Lesbian Sex by Rachel Kramer Bussel and Stacy M. Bias (Alyson)

Gay Men’s Debut Fiction

Clay’s Way by Blair Mastbaum (Alyson)

  • A Son Called Gabriel by Damian McNicholl (CDS)
  • Half-Life by Aaron Krach (Alyson)
  • How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship, and Musical Theater by Mar Acito (Broadway)
  • World Famous Love Acts by Brian Leung (Sarabande)

Gay Men’s Fiction

The Master by Colm Toibin (Scribner)

  • Collage by Ted Wojtasik (Livingston)
  • The Disinherited by Han Ong (FS&G)
  • The Haunted Hillbilly by Derek McCormack (Soft Skull)
  • The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst (Bloomsbury)

Gay Men’s Poetry

Written in Water by Luis Cernuda (City Lights)

  • Cocktails by D.A. Powell (Graywolf)
  • nothin’ ugly fly by Marvin K. White (RedBone)
  • The Rest of Love by Carl Phillips (FS&G)
  • Voluntary Servitude by Mark Wunderlich (Graywolf)

Gay Men’s Mystery

Flight of Aquavit by Anthony Bidulka (Insomniac)

  • Jackson Square Jazz by Greg Herren (Kensington)
  • Moth and Flame by John Morgan Wilson (St. Martin’s Minotaur)
  • Someone You Know by Gary Zebrun (Alyson)
  • The Role Players by Dorien Grey (GLB)


Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris (Little, Brown)

  • Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs by Cheryl Peck (Warner)
  • Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast by Greg Fox (Kenisington)
  • Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs (St. Martin’s)
  • Alexander the Fabulous by Michael Alvear and Vicky A. Shecter (Advocate)

Lesbian Debut Fiction

Crybaby Butch by Judith Frank (Firebrand)

  • Death by Discount by Mary Vermillion (Alyson)
  • Dish It Up, Baby! by Kristie Helms (Firebrand)
  • Fire & Brimstone by Laurinda D. Brown (Strebor)
  • Minus One: A Twelve-Step Journey by Bridget Bufford (Alice Street)

Lesbian Fiction

A Seahorse Year by Stacey D’Erasmo (Houghton Mifflin)

  • Abundant Light by Valerie Miner (Michigan State University)
  • Life Mask by Emma Donoghue (Harcourt)
  • Skels by Maggie Dubris (Soft Skull)
  • Venus of Chalk by Susan Stinson (Firebrand)

Lesbian Poetry

Sweet to Burn by Beverly Burch (Gival)

  • Antidotes for an Alibi by Amy King (BlazeVox)
  • Femme’s Dictionary by Carol Guess (Calyx)
  • The School Among the Ruins by Adrienne Rich (W.W. Norton)
  • Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver (Beacon)

Lesbian Mystery

Hancock Park by Katherine V. Forrest (Berkley Prime Crime)

  • An Intimate Ghost by Ellen Hart (St. Martin’s Minotaur)
  • Commitment to Die by Jennifer Jordan (Bean Pole)
  • Death by Discount by Mary Vermillion (Alyson)
  • The Wombat Strategy by Claire McNab (Alyson)

LGBT Studies

For the Love of Women: Gender, Identity and Same-Sex Relations in a Greek Provincial Town by Elisabeth Kirtsoglou (Routledge)

  • All-Night Party by Andrea Barnet (Algonquin)
  • A Passion to Preserve by Will Fellows (University of Wisconsin)
  • Families Like Mine by Abigail Garner (HarperCollins)
  • Why Marriage Matters by Evan Wolfson (Simon & Schuster)

Photography/Visual Arts

At Ease: Navy Men of World War II by Evan Bachner (Harry Abrams)

  • Lust Unearthed by Thomas Waugh (Arsenal Pulp)
  • The Queer Movie Poster Book by Jenni Olson (Chronicle)
  • Rent Girl by Michelle Tea, illustrated by Laurenn McCubbin (Last Gasp)
  • The Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts edited by Claude J. Summers (Cleis)


Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger (HarperCollins)

  • All the Wrong Places by Karin Kallmaker (Bella)
  • Confessions of a Casanova by Chris Kenry (Kensington)
  • Gulf Breeze by Gerri Hill (Bella)
  • Under the Witness Tree by Marianne Martin (Bywater)


Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love by Will Roscoe (Suspect Thoughts)

  • Queering Creole Spiritual Traditions by Randy Conner and David Hatfield Sparks (Harrington Park)
  • Same-Sex Marriage: A Christian Ethical Analysis by Marvin M. Ellison (Pilgrim)
  • Sanctity and Male Desire by Donald L. Boisvert (Pilgrim)
  • Wrestling with God & Men by Rabbi Steven Greenberg (University of Wisconsin)

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

The Ordinary by Jim Grimsley (Tor)

  • Firelands by Michael Jensen (Alyson)
  • Shadows of the Night: Queer Tales of the Uncanny and Unusual edited by Greg Herren (Southern Tier)
  • The Wizard of Isis by Jean Stewart (Bella)
  • With Her Body by Nicola Griffith (Aqueduct)

Independent Press Award

Suspect Thoughts Press

Bella Books


The Gender Frontier by Mariette Pathy Allen (Kehrer Verlag)

  • Becoming a Visible Man by Jamison Green (Vanderbilt University)
  • From the Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond edited by Morty Diamond (Manic D)
  • Luna by Julie Anne Peters (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
  • My Husband Betty: Love, Sex and Life with a Crossdresser by Helen Boyd (Thunder’s Mouth)



Freedom in this Village: 25 Years of Black, Gay Men’s Writing edited by E. Lynn Harris (Carroll & Graf)

  • Red Light: Superheroes, Saints, & Sluts edited by Anna Camilleri (Arsenal Pulp)
  • Lesbian Pulp Fiction edited by Katherine Forrest (Cleis)
  • Everything I Have is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men edited by Wendell Ricketts (Suspect Thoughts)
  • Bullets and Butterflies: Queer Spoken Word Poetry edited by Emanuel Xavier (Suspect Thoughts)

Belles Lettres

The Tricky Part by Martin Moran (Beacon)

  • Quicksands: A Memoir by Sybille Bedford (Counterpoint)
  • Tab Hunter Confidential by Tab Hunter, with Eddie Muller (Algonquin)
  • My One Night Stand with Cancer by Tania Katan (Alyson)
  • When I Knew edited by Robert Trachtenberg, illustrated by Tom Bachtell (Regan)


February House by Sherrill Tippins (Houghton Mifflin)

  • The Fabulous Sylvester by Joshua Gamson (Henry Holt)
  • Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted: The Life of Brion Gysin by John Geiger (The Disinformation Company)
  • Beyond Recall by Mary Meigs and Lise Weil (Talonbooks)
  • Wild Girls: Paris, Sappho, & Art by Diana Souhami (St. Martin's)

Children's/Young Adult

Swimming in the Monsoon Sea by Shyam Selvadurai (Tundra)

  • Antonio's Card/La Tarjeta de Antonio by Rigoberto Gonzalez (Children’s Book)
  • Totally Joe by James Howe (Simon & Schuster)
  • And Tango Makes Three by Peter Parnell & Justin Richardson (Simon & Schuster)
  • Rainbow Road by Alex Sanchez (Simon & Schuster)


Stolen Moments: Erotic Interludes 2 edited by Stacia Seaman and Radclyffe (Bold Strokes)

  • Best Gay Erotica 2006 edited by Matt Bernstein Sycamore and Richard Labonte (Cleis)
  • Best Lesbian Erotica 2006 edited by Eileen Myles and Tristan Taormino (Cleis)
  • Rode Hard But Away Wet: Lesbian Cowboy Erotica edited by Sacchi Green & Rakelle Valencia (Suspect Thoughts)
  • Close Contact by Sean Wolfe (Kensington)

Gay Men’s Debut Fiction

You Are Not the One by Vestal McIntyre (Carroll & Graf)

  • Setting the Lawn on Fire by Mack Friedman (Wisconsin)
  • Mother of Sorrows by Richard McCann (Pantheon)
  • The First Verse by Barry McCrea (Carroll & Graf)
  • Bilal's Bread by Sulyman X (Alyson)

Gay Men's Fiction

The Sluts by Dennis Cooper (Carroll & Graf)

  • German Officer’s Boy by Harlan Greene (Wisconsin)
  • Faith for Beginners by Aaron Hamburger (Random House)
  • What We Do is Secret by Kief Hillsbery (Villard)
  • Acqua Calda by Keith McDermott (Carroll & Graf)

Gay Men's Mystery

One of These Things is Not Like the Other by D. Travers Scott (Suspect Thoughts)

  • The Actor’s Guide to Greed by Rick Copp (Kensington)
  • The Paper Mirror by Dorien Grey (GLB)
  • White Tiger by Michael Allen Dymmoch (St. Martin's Minotaur)
  • Cajun Snuff by W. Randy Haynes (Publish America)

Gay Men's Poetry

Crush by Richard Siken (Yale)

  • School of the Arts by Mark Doty (HarperCollins)
  • For Dust Thou Art by Timothy Lui (Southern Illinois)
  • Sugar by Martin Pousson (Suspect Thoughts)
  • Blue on Blue Ground by Aaron Smith (Pittsburgh)


Don't Get too Comfortable by David Rakoff (Doubleday)

  • Invasion of Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel (Alyson)
  • Juicy Mother by Jennifer Camper (Soft Skull)
  • What the L ? by Kate Clinton (Carroll & Graf)
  • Revenge of the Paste Eaters by Cheryl Peck (5 Spot, Warner)

Lesbian Debut Fiction

The Beautifully Worthless by Ali Leibegott (Suspect Thoughts)

  • Crashing America by Katia Noyes (Alyson)
  • Manstealing for Fat Girls by Michelle Embree (Soft Skull)
  • In Too Deep by Ronica Black (Bold Strokes)
  • Bliss by Fiona Zedde (Kensington)

Lesbian Fiction

Babyji by Abha Dawesar (Anchor)

  • Wild Dogs by Helen Humphrys (W. W. Norton)
  • With or Without You by Lauren Sanders (Akashic)
  • Five Books of Moses Lapinsky by Karen Tulchinsky (Raincoast)
  • Lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson (Harcourt)

Lesbian Mystery

Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders by Alicia Gaspar De Alba (Arte Publico)

  • Women of Mystery edited by Katherine Forrest (Haworth)
  • The Iron Girl by Ellen Hart (St. Martin's Minotaur)
  • Darkness Descending by Penny Mickelbury (Kings Crossing)
  • Justice Served by Radclyffe (Bold Strokes)

Lesbian Poetry

Directed by Desire: Collected Poems by June Jordan (Copper Canyon)

  • Where the Apple Falls by Samiya Bashir (RedBone)
  • Life Mask by Jackie Kay (Bloodaxe)
  • New and Selected Poems, Volume II by Mary Oliver (Beacon)
  • Eye of Water by Amber Flora Thomas (Pittsburgh)

LGBT Studies

When Heroes Love: The Ambiguity of Eros in the Stories of Gilgamesh and David by Susan Ackerman (Columbia)

  • Zest for Life: Lesbians’ Experience of Menopause by Jennifer Kelly (Spinifex)
  • Why I Hate Abercrombie and Fitch by Dwight A. McBride (NYU)
  • Lesbian Communities Festivals, Rvs And the Internet edited by Esther D. Rothblum and Penny Sablove (Harrington Park)
  • Love’s Rite: Same-Sex Marriage in India and the West by Ruth Vanita (Palgrave Macmillan)


Words to Our Now by Thomas Glave (Minnesota)

  • Gore Vidal’s America by Dennis Altman (Polity)
  • Beyond the Down Low by Keith Boykin (Carroll & Graf)
  • Raising Boys without Men by Peggy Drexler (Rodale)
  • Women Together/Women Apart by Tirza True Latimer (Rutgers)


Distant Shores, Silent Thunder by Radclyffe (Bold Strokes)

  • Artist’s Dream by Gerri Hill (Bella)
  • Just Like That by Karin Kallmaker (Bella)
  • The Price of Temptation by M. J. Pearson (Seventh Window)
  • Walt Loves the Bearcat by Randy Boyd (West Beach)


Daughters of an Emerald Dusk by Katherine V. Forrest (Alyson)

  • Fledgling by Octavia Butler (Seven Stories)
  • Shapers of Darkness by David B. Coe (Tor)
  • Temple Landfall by Jane Fletcher (Bold Strokes)
  • No Sister of Mine by Jeanne G’Fellers (Bella)


Qu(e)erying Evangelism by Cheri DiNovo (Pilgrim)

  • The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades by Munya Andrews (Spinifex)
  • The Path of the Green Man by Michael Thomas Ford (Citadel)
  • I Am This One Walking Beside Me by Daniel Gebhardt (Pilgrim)
  • Fumbling Toward Divinity by Craig Hickman (Annabessacook Farm)


Choir Boy by Charlie Anders (Soft Skull)

  • In a Queer Time and Place by Judith Halberstam (NYU)
  • Deliver Me from Nowhere by Tennessee Jones (Soft Skull)
  • Just Add Hormones by Matt Kailey (Beacon)
  • The Riddle of Gender by Deborah Rudacille (Pantheon)

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