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The TUC has always been internationalist, working with unions throughout the world for social justice. In particular the TUC has played a key role in advancing workers’ rights in Europe and making the case for social Europe. We are affiliated to the world trade union body, the ICFTU and the European TUC - both of which maintain up to date links to unions throughout the world.

Slavery and forced labour in the twenty first century

slavery cover

A new international development education factfile


The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Trade Unions Anticipating Change in Europe (TRACE)
This project aims to build improved capacity within European Trade Unions.
3 May 2007

International Development Matters April 2007 - Issue 57
Monthly newsletter reporting international development matters and issues affecting Trade Unionists around the world.
PDF version available for download
30 April 2007

Working in the UK
A report written by Ian Fitzgerald,at the University of Northumbria, with the support of the TUC, looking at Polish migrant worker routes into employment in the North East and North West construction and food processing sectors.
PDF version available for download
30 April 2007

TUC calls for Nigerian elections to be re-run
The TUC has supported the Nigeria Labour Congress in condemning the conduct of the regional and Presidential elections in Nigeria this month, and calling for fresh elections under new electoral and security arrangements.
PDF version available for download
30 April 2007

TUC condemns trade union murders in Iraq
The TUC has expressed its sympathy and solidarity with the family and colleagues of the fallen Iraqi trade unionist Moaaid Hamid, Vice President of the General Federation of Iraqi Workers in the province of Nineveh, and his wife, both murdered on 9 April 2007, following clashes between forces of the Iraqi army and terrorist elements in the province.
PDF version available for download
30 April 2007

TUC Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement Report
In July 2006, the TUC signed a three-year Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement (SFPA) with DFID with the aim to increase the engagement of UK unions with DFID and build individual union capacity to internationalise their agenda. The project is now approaching the end of its first year. It has created a lot of interest and since the last report is continuing to progress very well. Areas of recent progress include: the successful application of the first four unions to the International Development Learning Fund; a TUC Conference which highlighted the need for and best practice examples of unions and NGOs working together on development issues; the publication of a slave and forced labour fact file and poster; and the holding of an introduction to development training course for TUC tutors and union officers and tutors.
PDF version available for download
26 April 2007

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