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  • has information on anime conventions going all the way back to 1983. That's over 1,200 events!
  • has information on over 1,900 convention guests including voice actors, artists, directors, and producers from all over the world.
  • Since it started in November 2003, traffic to has grown rapidly, proving there is a significant demand for anime convention news and information.
  • Not including the forums, 46% of the web site's traffic is from people visiting the convention listings and 34% is from visits to guest biographies.
  • Most visitors are in the United States and access the site through a broadband provider.
  • The Forums went live on December 16, 2006 and already has over 150 members with more registering every day.
  • The web site is advertised in selected convention program guides, sponsorships and hanging a banner at selected conventions, and on branded shirts sold in our store.
  • is part of the Network. Advertising appearing on also has the option of appearing on The Chibi Project and "CHiPs" Online.

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