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Thank you for visiting Sky Angel and allowing us to show you why the Sky Angel satellite system is the best television source for your family!
As a PTC™ member, you are well aware of the deteriorating state of television. Sky Angel is the only cable or satellite operator in America that has pledged to be a complete family-friendly television service! We're proud to be able to offer the best selection of family programming at the lowest price in America--just $14.99 a month for over 30 TV and radio channels (save even more when you sign up for one year!)

In order to show our appreciation for the work being done by PTC™ and to help make the organization even stronger, Sky Angel will return a portion of that subscription price to PTC™ for every new PTC™ member that subscribes to the Sky Angel television service. Sign up using our online ordering system and we’ll help the PTC™ to achieve its mission: Protecting children from graphic sex, violence and profanity in the media (MAKE SURE TO ENTER THE OFFER CODE “PTC” SO THAT Parents Television Council™ GETS CREDIT).

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Sky Angel television gives parents peace of mind while providing everything you want in a TV service, all at an affordable price!

Sky Angel is very careful to select only television and radio channels that appeal primarily to the family and have a corporate reputation for positive family, inspirational, educational or informational programming. Currently Sky Angel carries family channels like the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movie Channel, airing first nationally on Sky Angel. You'll also get HGTV, Fox News and a variety of America's most popular faith and family channels. Click here for a complete listing.

You can get Sky Angel virtually anywhere in the continental U.S. through a small, inexpensive 20" satellite dish (click here for more information on equipment). Most people can also get their local TV channels through the same Sky Angel satellite equipment for an extra $5.99 a month. Click here for more information. Sky Angel works with any cable or satellite provider, or you can get Sky Angel alone. The choice is yours!

Nowhere else will you get over 30 of America’s most popular faith and family channels for under $15 bucks a month!

Sky Angel--delivering the best in Christian and family entertainment to America.

Sky Angel–Parents Television Council™ Offer: Terms and Conditions

The following terms, conditions and restrictions apply: PTC™ members will be subject to usual and customary subscription rates. PTC™ members that order online must type the special offer code "PTC" in the "Special Offer Code" field and choose the special offer as a part of the online ordering process. Sky Angel subscriptions are non-refundable. All sales are final. Tax will apply where applicable. Offer does not apply to subscriptions purchased prior to April 15, 2006. Additional information on the donation program can be obtained by addressing a letter to:

Sky Angel
P.O. Box 7609
Naples, FL 34101




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