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Minimum Wage Order

How can I find out what the minimum wage is on PEI?

Prince Edward Island
Employment Standards Act

  1. Minimum Rates
    The Minimum rate of wages for all employees shall be:
    1. $7.15 per hour effective 1 April 2006
    2. $7.50 per hour effective 1 April 2007
    1. The maximum amounts that may be deducted from the wages of an employee where the employer furnishes board and lodging are as follows:
      1. for board and lodging $45.00 per week
      2. for board only $36.00 per week
      3. for lodging only $20.00 per week
      4. for single meals $3.00 per meal
    2. No charge is to be made for a meal not received by an employee. In no case shall the employee's pay, after board and lodging deductions, be a lesser amount than the minimum rate less the price schedule shown in this Order.
    1. No employer shall deduct pay from an employee for any uniform or footwear where the uniform or footwear
      1. is unique to the employer's business operation; and
      2. is identified with the employer's business operation, to an extent that would make the uniform or footwear of no practical use to the employee should the employee's employment be terminated.
    2. An employer may require a deposit of up to 25% of the cost of an employee's unique uniform or footwear.
    3. The employer shall reimburse a deposit made by an employee pursuant to subsection (2) where
      1. the employee's employment has ceased; and
      2. the uniform or footwear has been returned to the employer.
    1. No employer shall make any deduction from an employee's pay to cover cash shortages where
      1. the employee does not have sole control of the cash; and
      2. the cash cannot be secured by the employee where the employee is required to leave the cash unattended.
    2. Where a cash shortage occurs
      1. the employer shall advise the employee, at the end of the employee's shift, of the cash shortage; and
      2. permit the employee the opportunity to explain or find the shortage.
    3. Where an employer can verify to the satisfaction of an inspector that an employee is responsible for a cash shortage before the end of the employee's pay period during which the cash shortage occurred, the employer may deduct the amount of the cash shortage from the employee's pay.



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Yeo, Robert (Chief Labour Standards Officer) Province of PEI

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