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The Silver Dollar
The Silver Dollar:
Origins of America's Favorite Coin

Learn about America's most beloved coin, and how the dollar become our standard unit of currency ... more

George Washington:
A Hero's Portrait

Our first president has been commemorated on coins and tokens from the earliest days of our nation. Take a guided tour through the history of Washington pieces ... more
George Washington

Counterfeit Halfpennies
Counterfeit Halfpennies:
The Real Coins of the Colonies

Few people know that the American colonists relied on counterfeit British coins to carry out their daily business. Discover why, and learn how to tell a counterfeit from an original ... more

The $1 Bill:
How Well Do You Know It?

Take a closer look at the design of the one dollar bill in our interactive tour. Explore the rich meaning behind the bill's features and symbols, and learn the history of the Great Seal ... more

The $1 Bill

Features Archives

African Americans on U.S. Coins: More to Come?

The 1974 Aluminum Cent: A Rarity in Hiding

The U.S. Assay Commission: Gone for Good?

Mint Sets: Uncle Sam’s Other Special Coin Sets

The Brasher Doubloon: A Jeweler’s Crown Jewel

Patterns: Uncle Sam’s ‘Might-Have-Been’ Coins

The Liberty Bell: A Coin Design with a Peal

Elizabeth Jones: A First Who Became the Last

The Coins of 1901: A Nostalgic Trip for Collectors

Coin Packaging: The Hobby’s Housing Developments

The Columbian Half Dollar: The Coin that Started it All

The Silver-Center Cent: A High-Value Coin by Any Standard

The Paquet Double Eagle: Rarity with Elegance

Peace Dollar Model: A Modest Miss Liberty

The Hawaii Half Dollar: A First for the Last State

The Oregon Trail Half Dollar: A Landmark in Itself

The Three-Legged Buffalo Nickel: A Long-Standing Collectible

Presidential Inaugural Medals: Hailing the Chiefs

Coin Redesign: Is It Finally Time for a Change in our Change?

U.S. Commemoratives: America’s ‘Shadow’ Coinage

First-Year Rarities: Keys that Open Many Series

Overdate Coins: Two Dates and a Split Personality

The 1955 Doubled-Die Cent: Once a Novelty, Now a Coveted Rarity

The 1933 Double Eagle: Contraband No More?

The Golden Age of U.S. Coin Design

Designers’ Initials: ‘Bylines’ on Coins

The 1964 Peace Dollar: A Coin with Many Question Marks

The Washington Quarter that Should Have Been

The Morgan Dollar: Star of the Silver Scene

The 1943 ‘Copper’ Cent: Still King of U.S. Error Coins

The Trade Dollar: Once Unwanted, Now Highly Prized

Gilroy Roberts: The Man Who Immortalized JFK on the Half Dollar

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel: A Minor Coin of Major Significance

Bust Dollars: Royal Family to the King of American Coins

The Gobrecht Dollar: The Pattern that Became a Perennial

The Shield Nickel: The Start of Something Big

John Jay Pittman: An Extraordinary Collector of Ordinary Means

The Indian Head Cent: Beloved Symbol of a Bygone Era

The Gold Dollar: A Gold Thing that Came in a Small Package

The Washington Quarter: A Swan that Used to Be an Ugly Duckling

R.S. Yeoman: Mister Red Book

Frank Gasparro: Portraitist of America’s ‘Pocket Art’

The 20-Cent Piece: An Experiment that Failed

The ‘Mercury’ Dime: A Tiny Coin of Great Beauty

The Pan-Pac Set: A Real Package Deal

The Liberty $20 Gold Piece: A Genuine Forty-Niner

The Half Dime: America’s Original Five-Cent Piece

The Bicentennial Coins: Lasting Tributes to a Historic Birthday

The Two-Cent Piece: A Short-Lived Coin with Long-Range Impact

The Sacagawea Dollar: A Progress Report

The Half Cent: Very Small Change with Big Collectibility

The Bridgeport Half Dollar: Step Right Up and See P.T. Barnum

The Barber Silver Coins: Plain but Fancied by Many Collectors

The Buffalo Nickel: The Great American Coin

The Pratt Gold Coins: Sunken Treasures of U.S. Numismatics

The Lincoln Cent Heads for 100

The Lafayette Dollar Turns 100

The Peace Dollar: Idealistic Icon and Quiet Collectible

The Standing Liberty Quarter: Fragile but Beautiful

Double-Denomination Coin Triggers Treasure Hunt

The 'Saint' Holds a High Place in Hobby Heaven

The Half Dollar: America's Forgotten Coin

A Golden Year for Modern U.S. Proof Sets

More New Money - and Continuing Excitement

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