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Statement Regarding Claims by a Former A380 Component Supplier Employee About Safety Concerns

Toulouse, 05 October 2005

Further to some media reports questioning the integrity of a component in the A380 pressurization system, Airbus wishes to clearly state the following:

Safety is Airbus’ prime concern and Airbus will never compromise on this aspect, which is the foundation of its business. This applies to the A380 in the same way as to all its other products, be it during the development phase as in production and subsequently during the service life. This also applies to the particular component referred to in the report.

The claims by a former TTTech employee are known for months now. In the interest of safety, all facts related to this issue were, as is standard practise, taken seriously, and have since been thoroughly and independently analysed by the supplier, as well as by the Certification Authorities and Airbus.

All parties have ensured through the most varied control channels that there is no safety deficit with regards to the scenario as described by this former employee and that his claims lack any foundation. Under the control of the Authorities, the suppliers and Airbus separately ensure that their parts and the aircraft as a whole are fully compliant with the latest and most stringent safety requirements and certification rules.

Definitely, the safety and integrity of the A380 has top priority and is ensured without any doubt.


 Airbus S.A.S.

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