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P = Profanity
S = Sex
V = Violence
Colors (1988)

After the events of the previous decade in Los Angeles, this 1988 film about L.A. street gangs as seen through the eyes of the LAPD represented a serious effort to throw some light on the appalling carnage of that world in which, for example, 400 gangbangers were killed in 1987, the year the film wa ... (Read All)

Format MPAA Rating Genre
DVD R Action/Adventure
DVD Release Date Run Time Distributor
10/2/2001 2 hrs. 0 min. MGM Home Entertainment
Ratings Summary
Cast & Credits
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Profanity Sex   Violence
PSVratings summaries, which are intended for adults over the age of 18, contain content that you may find objectionable. Please be advised.
Profanity Details
Words and Instances:
F-word(157), A*s(14), A*shole(19), B*stard(1), B*tch(5), Christ(2), C*ck(2), Damn(4), D*ck(5), God Damn(4), Hell(5), Jesus(3), N*gger(5), Piss(1), Pr*ck(1), P*ssy(3), Sh*t(54)
Profanity Examples in context:
"Where the f*ck is my gun?" - "Chill out, motherf*cker." - "The baby bull says, 'Hey, Pop, let's run down and f*ck one of those cows.'" - "Man, they rode on us, the punk-a*s motherf*ckers." - "Stop, a*shole!" - "Pr*ck, b*stard, you dog." - "This f*ckin' b*tch can drive, man!" - "Jesus Christ." - "C*cksucker." - "What we need is some damn protection." - "Don't pull my f*cking d*ck, stupid." - "God damn it!" - "What the hell you runnin' for?" - "Hey, Frog, think America's ready to love two n*ggers at the same time?" - "You want to drag him in for a pissy little rock and spend the rest of the shift doing paperwork?" - "Do you want to look at p*ssy, or learn about this job?" - "You never pulled that sh*t, did you?" - "Bullsh*t, huh?" - "Just jammin' and sh*t."
Sex Details
Sexual Content Overview:
Passionate and erotic kissing with female breasts seen. Sexual intercourse depicted by sexual actions with female breasts and male buttocks seen. Sexual intercourse implied by aftermath and sounds with no nudity. Caressing with female breasts seen. Provacative behavior. Sexual innuendos and phrases, including the words "balls," "get off," "hard on," "laid," "nuts," "pimp," and "tits."
Sexual Examples in context:
A man kisses a topless woman on the lips and neck while they have sex; the woman caresses the man's back and buttocks. Police raid a house and discover a man and woman having sex in the bedroom; we can see the man's buttocks and later we can see the woman's breasts. A man walks out of a room while a woman dresses inside, implying that they just had sex. A group of men hear a woman moaning from inside a house; the sceene implies she's having sex with someone inside. A man thrusts his hips forward and rubs his crotch against a plush rabbit. "You know how women like it." - "I nearly froze my f*cking balls off." - "Talk about gettin' off." - "Where'd you get your f*cking hard on?" - "You don't want to get laid, man." - "Look what I got to rock your nuts." - "Big Inglewood pimpin'." - "She had the biggest tits I ever saw."
Nudity Overview:
Full frontal female. Female breasts. Male wearing briefs. Nudity in photos.
Nudity Examples in context:
A nude woman is escorted out of a house; her breasts and genitals are exposed. A man walks around in a store wearing only a pair of briefs. A photo of a woman's buttocks can be seen hanging on a wall.
Violence Details
Violence Content Overview:
Blunt force injuries with blood on person and clothing, and characters groaning, wincing, and crying out in pain. Choking with no blood. Fire-related injury with no blood and a character crying out in pain. General injuries depicted by blood on person and clothing, a character groaning in pain, bruises, and injuries result in death with eyes open. Gunshot injuries with characters crying out and wincing in pain, blood on person and clothing, blood spurting from wounds, and resulting in bloody wounds and death. Corpses seen with blood on person and clothing, a bloody wound, and eyes open. Witnessing harm to a loved one. Destruction by body, carelessness, explosion, gunfire, vandalism, vehicle, and willful blunt force. Physical threats of blunt force, explosion-related, and gunshot injuries. Verbal threats of death, imprisonment, and blunt force and gunshot injuries. Violence toward a public servant.
Violence Examples in Context:
A group of men punch and kick a teen boy; see blood on his mouth and clothing and he groans. A man pulls another man's hair back and he winces. A man knees a teenage boy in the stomach and he cries out in pain. A teen boy chokes on an object lodged in his throat. A man forces a teen boy's arm onto a hot grill; the boy cries out in pain. A teen boy has blood and bruises on his face and blood on his shirt from previous injuries. A man groans in pain and dies from a previously sustained wound; he dies with his eyes open. A man repeatedly shoots another man in the back; see a bloody wound and blood on his back as he winces in pain. A man shoots another man in the chest and kills him; blood spurts from the wound. A group of teen boys shoot another group of teen boys. A corpse with blood on its skin and clothing and its eyes open lies on the floor of a house. Policemen find a corpse on the ground with a bloody wound on its back. A man is shot and killed in front of his girlfriend. A man falls backwards through a fence. A man knocks several glasses to the floor when he vaults over a bar. A woman crashes her car into a tower, causing it to explode. A man shoots out of the window of a police car. A woman spray paints grafitti on a wall. A man breaks open a window with a baseball bat. A teen boy tries to punch a man, but misses. A teen boy hurls a grenade into a house full of other teen boys. A group of men do a drive-by on a chapel, firing at the people inside. "You're dead." - "If I catch you here again, I'm gonna arrest you." - "You come down, Felipe, I'm gonna beat your a*s." - "Release the woman, motherf*cker, or I'll f*cking shoot!"
Words used as Character Slurs:
F-word(23), A*s(1), A*shole(18), B*stard(1), B*tch(5), Fag(1), Ho(1), N*gger(5), P*ssy(1), Pr*ck(1)
Additional Content
Other content:
Tobacco use. Substance abuse. Mature themes and discussions. Mature objects and places. Illegal behavior. Dishonest behavior. Disrespectful behavior. Product placement.
Cigarette smoking by adults. Inebriation by adults. Contact with and smoking illegal drugs. Drug euphoria expressed through character actions. Themes of death, death of a loved one, gang affiliation, illegal drug dealing, imprisonment, and prostitution. Discussions of gang affiliation. Bloody objects seen in film. Scenes take place in a prison. Alcohol use by a minor. Evading authorities. Hostage situation. Inciting violence. Reckless driving. Resisting arrest. Theft. Lying. Masturbation gesture. Middle finger gesture. Spitting. Throwing an object at someone. A character tells another character to "shut up." Products include: Slice, Sunkist, 7-Up, Coca-Cola, Tampax, Mitsubishi, Woolworth's, Bank of America, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Spam, Fila, Sharp, Adidas, Chevrolet, Payless, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Puma, Ford, Earl Scheib, Visa, Nike, Reebok, Old English, Fritos, Los Angeles Times, Kool, Budweiser, Carl's Jr.
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