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P = Profanity
S = Sex
V = Violence
Casino (1995)

Martin Scorsese, one of America's most influential filmmakers, returns to the world of mobsters, greed, and excess that he explored so compellingly in 1990’s GOODFELLAS. Set in the 1970s and reveling in the minute details of how Las Vegas casinos operate, the film chronicles the rise and fall of cas ... (Read All)

Format MPAA Rating Genre
DVD R Drama
DVD Release Date Run Time Distributor
2/24/1998 2 hrs. 59 min. Universal Studios Home Video
Ratings Summary
Cast & Credits
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Profanity Sex   Violence
PSVratings summaries, which are intended for adults over the age of 18, contain content that you may find objectionable. Please be advised.
Profanity Details
Words and Instances:
F-word(398), C-word(1), Sh*t(36), C*ck(7), B*stard(1), A*s(16), A*shole(6), Hell(13), Damn(3), God D*mn(8), B*tch(8), Pr*ck(9), Bullsh*t(18), Jesus(5), Christ(5)
Profanity Examples in context:
“…we f*cked it all up…” – “F*ck you" - “…just another fat f*ck walking out of the casino with a suitcase." - "Listen you f*ckin c*nt..." - "*t like that..." - "I threw that c*ck sucker out." - "I want that Jew b*stard killed." - "...watching his a*s..." - " f*ckin a*shole..." - "...was a hell of a handicapper..." - "...he didn't give a damn who knew it." - "Oh my God." - "God damn it..." - " f*ckin b*tch..." - "...that pr*ck's been dodgin me..." -"That was all bullsh*t, she just pocketed the cash..." - "Jesus Christ."
Sex Details
Sexual Content Overview:
Sexual Intercourse depicted by sexual actions and implied by facial expressions and sounds with no nudity. Infidelity. Oral sex implied by prelude with no nudity.
Sexual Examples in context:
Man has sex with a married woman on a hotel bed; they move on the bed together, their faces are contorted in pleasure and we hear their moans. A man and woman get into a car, the woman then ducks her head into a man's lap.
Nudity Overview:
Female Breasts.
Nudity Examples in context:
A woman's breast is seen as she undresses.
Violence Details
Violence Content Overview:
Blunt force injury with blood spurting from wounds. Fire related injury with skin charred black. Gunshot injury blood with blood spurting from wounds. Stabbing injury with blood spurting from wounds.
Violence Examples in Context:
See a man squeeze a man's head in a vise until blood spurts out of his mouth. See a man escape his exploding car, his skin is charred black. See a man stab another man in the neck with a pen and blood spurts from the wound.
Words used as Character Slurs:
F-word(37), C-word(1), Pr*ck(9), A*shole(6), Fag(3), C*ck(6), Jerk(1), N*gger(2), B*tch(6), Sh*t(5), Kike(1), B*stard(2), Whore(1)
Additional Content
Other content:
Substance abuse. Alcohol & tobocco use. Mature themes and discussions.
Snorting illegal drugs and abusing prescription drugs. Inebriation by main characters. Cigar and cigarette smoking by main characters. Themes of illegal behavior, peril, and torture. Discussion of murder.
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