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Multiplay Belkin Quake 4 1v1 International tournament Final - Match Report
Written by Elbonio   
Apr 08, 2007 at 11:29 PM


av3kWe have been privileged to have some of the finest Quake 4 players in the world come to i30 and they are no doubt grateful for the support that Multiplay and Belkin have shown the community by putting up $10,000 in prize funds for the tournament. This has all added up to equal nothing short of an awesome tournament for spectators to watch. It's been a long time since our last Quake 4 tournament last year and as we enter a new season of carnage, the stage is set for a frag spectacular right here in Newbury.

The finalists, stermy and av3k, have never met in a competitive match to date, meaning we had a treat in that this was new ground Whilst stermy is probably the more well known amongst the crowd, av3k has been making some headlines himself in the past 12 months. What happens when you throw both of them in the mix? Nobody was quite sure, but we were eager to find out.

The outcome was that they actually turned out to be pretty evenly matched. Both players showed an aggressive offensive style, neither ever really on the defense but instead coming out fighting in a match that lasted over an hour. Stermy

If one player had to be picked to be the favourite it would be stermy, seeded #1 in the tournament he was expected to be playing the #2 seed, Cooller. This wasn't to be however as av3k knocked out Cooller in a gripping semi-final, the #3 knocking out the #2 in two games to none.

In the final of course this all becomes irrelevant as the only scores that matter are those that were racked up over these 3 games. The first game went to stermy and for a while it looked like this was going to be a done deal until av3k decided that he wasn't going out that easily, taking the match to the final tense game.

av3k wins the Belkin Quake 4 tournament at i30This one game was to be the decider and gone was the expectation, gone were the assumptions. The match teetered on a pinhead as these two seemingly perfectly matched opponents went into the game as equals. This is Quake 4 however and in this game, anything can happen. av3k started the game with some explosive rockets - in a way a sort of omen of the final outcome. As it turned out av3k raised the bar and cleared it in a devastating display which entirely obliterated stermy with an ultra-fast, ultra aggressive offence, finishing the final game as 25 to 9 and emerging as victor.

The #3 seed might very well find himself as something of hot property this coming year. We're starting another year of Quake 4 - is av3k going to be the man to beat? From his display at i30, this could well be the case.